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TOP 2021 Players

By | 2022-01-01

Hi. As always in the new year we made stats, wc3 saves, and bans reset. In 2021 – 710,489 players and 16,021 clans ranked in 21 games on 24 servers with 41,291,052 kills. Good luck in 2022 and see you in the game! Here is TOP 20 Players in all servers:

DDoS Attacks

By | 2021-12-31

All this week we got huge DDoS attacks. During which the servers become unavailable, or an increase in ping in the game. We apologize for the inconvenience. P.s If you have experience with Reflected UDP DDoS attack management, send an email or p.m, me in Discord. Thanks.

Update For ZM EU Server

By | 2021-12-23

(PREPARING PREVIEW FOR CHRITISMAS EVENT): – Added New System Happy hour fusionated with System Rewards plugin: Now Happy Hour is automatic Event, Start: 7:00 p.m until 8:00 p.m (1 Hour everyday) The Multiplier is configurable from zombieplague.cfg Default Multiplier is x2 Ammo Packs for every damage, kills or for infect player Now all the ammo… Read More »