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Rent Counter-Strike 1.6 Server Prices form 3$ Month!

DiRhost.net has just announced the start of its newest service – the rental of Counter-Strike 1.6 servers. The prices for these servers start from just $3 per month, making them affordable for gamers and server administrators alike.

One of the standout features of these servers is the unlimited player slots, meaning that you can host 4-32 Players according to your needs.

The control panel provided by DiRhost.net is easy to use and provides quick access to all the necessary functions and settings, allowing you to manage your server with ease. The SFTP access feature allows you to transfer files to and from your server, making it easier to manage your game files and custom content.

The servers are fully customizable, meaning that you can configure them to meet your specific needs and requirements. You can also manage your server using the web files manager, which provides an easy way to manage your game files and settings.

The crontab feature allows you to schedule tasks to run automatically, freeing up your time to focus on playing the game. The easy reinstall feature makes it simple to reset your server to its default settings, allowing you to start fresh if needed.

DiRhost.net has also included anti-DDoS protection to ensure that your server stays online and available to your players, even if it is attacked by malicious users. With unlimited bandwidth, you won’t have to worry about running out of data, allowing you to host large games without any interruptions.

Finally, the live server resources monitoring feature provides real-time information about your server’s performance, including CPU usage, RAM usage, and more. This allows you to keep track of how your server is performing and make any necessary adjustments to ensure that it runs smoothly.

In conclusion, DiRhost.net’s Counter-Strike 1.6 server rental is an excellent option for anyone looking to host their own server. With its affordable prices, wide range of features, and easy-to-use control panel, it is the perfect solution for both experienced administrators and new gamers alike.

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