few announcements!

1. Reseted all players statistics

2. Fixed assault server hostages rescue round end.

3. War3FT server shutted down.

4. Removed all bans in all servers.

5. Opened Public server (cs4.hl2go.com:27015)

6. Fixed bans in both gungame servers.

7. Base Builder server added to statistics system.

8. Changed Zombie Plague MEGA server human VIP skin.

New BANS System!

Hi! Finally we found solution to protect our servers from IP/STEAM ID Changers 🙂 So we installed new bans system, which will stop these noobs! Also one more new feature in servers that when player get banned system will do 3 screenshots who comes up in players cstrike/ directory. So from now players who wants to be unbanned, they will need to send these 3 ss + demo file in their ban appeal! Have great time with HL2GO.COM 🙂

Forum thread: https://hl2go.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=465