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We’re bringing up some old servers!

Since we still have free resources, why not revive some old servers πŸ™‚

Since this project started from the war3ft server, we can’t forget it, so it’s up and running again!

We also started the BaseBuilder and GunGame servers. Good luck, I hope they won’t be completely idle πŸ™‚

↑ csca.hl2go.com:27018 ↑

↑ cs.hl2go.com:27015 ↑

↑ cs.hl2go.com:27018 ↑

If you have any suggestions or wishes, write them in the comments πŸ˜‰

3 thoughts on “We’re bringing up some old servers!

  1. thank you so much for bringing back basebuilder! can you guys bring back deathrun with autobhop as it was when hl2go was zcs.lt? that would mean a lot, mixfix! I’ve been a player of this server this more than 10+ years easily and had taken a break from counter strike. I’ll be back to playing basebuilder now. feels nostalgic and i love it.

  2. Emmmm valla la verdad ya extraΓ±aba estos servers sobre todo war3FT pero tengo un problema, cuando dejo de jugar algunas horas de la nada todos lo niveles de las habilidades se vuelven a 0, el problema esta relacionado con el Servidor o es mi Counter Strike?

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