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Update For ZM EU Server


– Added New System Happy hour fusionated with System Rewards plugin:
Now Happy Hour is automatic Event, Start: 7:00 p.m until 8:00 p.m (1 Hour everyday)
The Multiplier is configurable from zombieplague.cfg
Default Multiplier is x2 Ammo Packs for every damage, kills or for infect player
Now all the ammo packs that you get, (which are not obtained by the zm_vip plugin), will be notified on your game screen all the time. (Avoiding spam)
Use command /hh for check Happy Hour!

– Added New plugin for Display Gamemode with random color (Now work fine)

– Adjusted damage for Plasma Rifle, now u get 1 Ammo packs for 1000HP Dealing
– Adjusted damage for Bazooka, now u get 1 Ammo packs for 2500HP Dealing
– Adjusted damage dealing for get 1 Ammo packs with normal weapon:
If u are VIP: You need 500HP Dealing for get 1 Ammo packs
If u are NONVIP: You need 800HP Dealing for get 1 Ammo packs

– Adjusted System Free Ammo packs:
Now u can get free ammo packs every 24 hours with /free and /get command
If u are a VIP, u get 100 Ammo packs more extra, total: 500AP (base) + 100 = 600AP

– Fixed Rewards ammo packs by damage for NONVIP
– Fixed Unknow Gamemode in Armageddon Gamemode
– Fixed Rewards Ammo packs with Chaisawn, now u get 1 Ammo packs for 500HP Dealing

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