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Gerbera – UPnP Media Server

By | 2022-08-07

Gerbera – Gerbera is an UPnP Media Server. It allows you to stream your digital media throughout your home network and listen to/watch it on a variety of UPnP compatible devices. (Source Code) GPL-2.0 C++ Documentation View our documentation online at https://docs.gerbera.io. Features Browse and playback your media via your network on all kinds of devices. Web UI with… Read More »

Supysonic – Subsonic server

By | 2022-08-06

Supysonic – Python implementation of the Subsonic server API. AGPL-3.0 Python Current supported features are: browsing (by folders or tags) streaming of various audio file formats transcoding user or random playlists cover art starred tracks/albums and ratings Last.fm scrobbling Jukebox mode Supysonic currently targets the version 1.10.2 of the Subsonic API. For more details, go check the API implementation status.… Read More »

Snapcast – Synchronous multiroom audio server

By | 2022-08-06

Snapcast – Synchronous multiroom audio server. GPL-3.0 C++ Snapcast is a multiroom client-server audio player, where all clients are time synchronized with the server to play perfectly synced audio. It’s not a standalone player, but an extension that turns your existing audio player into a Sonos-like multiroom solution. Audio is captured by the server and routed to the… Read More »

Raveberry – A multi-user music server

By | 2022-08-06

Raveberry – A multi-user music server with a focus on participation. (Demo) LGPL-3.0 Python Raveberry is a multi user music server that allows democratic selection of songs. It provides an intuitive interface for requesting songs and changing their order according to the rating that users have made. It supports YouTube, Spotify and local files as sources for music.… Read More »

Navidrome Music Server

By | 2022-08-06

Navidrome Music Server – Modern Music Server and Streamer, compatible with Subsonic/Airsonic. (Demo, Source Code, Clients) GPL-3.0 Go/Javascript Check out our Live Demo! Navidrome is an open source web-based music collection server and streamer. It gives you freedom to listen to your music collection from any browser or mobile device. It’s like your personal Spotify! Any feedback is welcome! If you… Read More »

musikcube – Streaming audio server with Linux/macOS/Windows/Android clients

By | 2022-08-06

musikcube – Streaming audio server with Linux/macOS/Windows/Android clients. (Source Code) BSD-3-Clause C++ musikcube a cross-platform, terminal-based audio engine, library, player and server written in c++. musikcube compiles and runs easily on windows, macos and linux. it also runs well on a raspberry pi with raspbian, and can be setup as a streaming audio server. check out the installation guide to… Read More »

mStream – Music streaming server with GUI management tools

By | 2022-08-06

mStream – Music streaming server with GUI management tools. Runs on Mac, Windows, and Linux. (Source Code) GPL-2.0 Nodejs Demo & Other Links Check Out The Demo! Discord Channel Website Server Features Cross Platform. Works on Windows, OSX, Linux, & FreeBSD Light on memory and CPU Tested on multi-terabyte libraries Runs on ARM boards like the Raspberry Pi… Read More »

Mopidy – Extensible music server

By | 2022-08-06

Mopidy – Extensible music server. Offers a superset of the mpd API, as well as integration with 3rd party services like Spotify, SoundCloud etc. (Source Code) Apache-2.0 Python Mopidy Mopidy is an extensible music server written in Python. Mopidy plays music from local disk, Spotify, SoundCloud, Google Play Music, and more. You edit the playlist from any phone, tablet,… Read More »

Mopidy MusicBox – Web Client for Mopidy Music Server

By | 2022-08-06

Mopidy MusicBox – Web Client for Mopidy Music Server. Apache-2.0 HTML5 Mopidy MusicBox Webclient (MMW) is a frontend extension and JavaScript-based web client especially written for Mopidy. Features Responsive design that works equally well on desktop and mobile browsers. Browse content provided by any Mopidy backend extension. Add one or more tracks or entire albums to the queue. Save… Read More »

LMS – Lightweight Music Server

By | 2022-08-06

LMS – Access your self-hosted music using a web interface. GPL-3.0 C++ LMS is a self-hosted music streaming software: access your music collection from anywhere using a web interface! A demo instance is available. Note the administration panel is not available. Main features Low memory requirements: the demo instance runs on a Raspberry Pi Zero W Recommendation engine Audio transcode for maximum… Read More »