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Install Palworld Dedicated Server (Docker)

Palworld Dedicated Server Docker

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This is a Docker container to help you get started with hosting your own Palworld dedicated server.

This Docker container has been tested and will work on both Linux (Ubuntu/Debian) and Windows 10.


At the moment, Xbox Gamepass/Xbox Console players will not be able to join a dedicated server.

They will need to join players using the invite code and are limited to sessions of 4 players max.

Server Requirements

Resource Minimum Recommended
CPU 4 cores 4+ cores
RAM 16GB Recommend over 32GB for stable operation
Storage 4GB 12GB

How to use

Keep in mind that you’ll need to change the environment variables.

Docker Compose

This repository includes an example docker-compose.yml file you can use to setup your server.

image: thijsvanloef/palworld-server-docker:latest
restart: unless-stopped
container_name: palworld-server
- 8211:8211/udp
- 27015:27015/udp
- PUID=1000
- PGID=1000
- PORT=8211 # Optional but recommended
- PLAYERS=16 # Optional but recommended
- SERVER_PASSWORD="worldofpals" # Optional but recommended
- RCON_PORT=25575
- ADMIN_PASSWORD="adminPasswordHere"
- COMMUNITY=false # Enable this if you want your server to show up in the community servers tab, USE WITH SERVER_PASSWORD!
- SERVER_NAME="World of Pals"
- ./palworld:/palworld/

Docker Run

Change every <> to your own configuration

docker run -d \
    --name palworld-server \
    -p 8211:8211/udp \
    -p 27015:27015/udp \
    -v ./<palworld-folder>:/palworld/ \
    -e PUID=1000 \
    -e PGID=1000 \
    -e PORT=8211 \
    -e PLAYERS=16 \
    -e MULTITHREADING=true \
    -e RCON_ENABLED=true \
    -e RCON_PORT=25575 \
    -e TZ=UTC \
    -e ADMIN_PASSWORD="adminPasswordHere" \
    -e SERVER_PASSWORD="worldofpals" \
    -e COMMUNITY=false \
    -e SERVER_NAME="World of Pals" \
    --restart unless-stopped \


All files you will need to deploy this container to kubernetes are located in the k8s folder.

Follow the steps in the README.md here to deploy it.

Using helm chart

Follow up the docs on the README.md for the helm chart to deploy.

Environment variables

You can use the following values to change the settings of the server on boot. It is highly recommended you set the following environment values before starting the server:

  • PORT
  • PUID
  • PGID
Variable Info Default Values Allowed Values
TZ Timezone used for time stamping backup server UTC See TZ Identifiers
PLAYERS* Max amount of players that are able to join the server 16 1-32
PORT* UDP port that the server will expose 8211 1024-65535
PUID* The uid of the user the server should run as 1000 !0
PGID* The gid of the group the server should run as 1000 !0
MULTITHREADING** Improves performance in multi-threaded CPU environments. It is effective up to a maximum of about 4 threads, and allocating more than this number of threads does not make much sense. false true/false
COMMUNITY Whether or not the server shows up in the community server browser (USE WITH SERVER_PASSWORD) false true/false
PUBLIC_IP You can manually specify the global IP address of the network on which the server running. If not specified, it will be detected automatically. If it does not work well, try manual configuration. x.x.x.x
PUBLIC_PORT You can manually specify the port number of the network on which the server running. If not specified, it will be detected automatically. If it does not work well, try manual configuration. 1024-65535
SERVER_NAME A name for your server “string”
SERVER_PASSWORD Secure your community server with a password “string”
ADMIN_PASSWORD Secure administration access in the server with a password “string”
UPDATE_ON_BOOT** Update/Install the server when the docker container starts (THIS HAS TO BE ENABLED THE FIRST TIME YOU RUN THE CONTAINER) true true/false
RCON_ENABLED*** Enable RCON for the Palworld server true true/false
RCON_PORT RCON port to connect to 25575 1024-65535
QUERY_PORT Query port used to communicate with Steam servers 27015 1024-65535

*highly recommended to set

** Make sure you know what you are doing when running this option enabled

*** Required for docker stop to save and gracefully close the server


Boolean values used in environment variables are case sensitive because they are used in the shell script.

They must be set using exactly true or false for the option to take effect.

Game Ports

Port Info
8211 Game Port (UDP)
27015 Query Port (UDP)
25575 RCON Port (TCP)

Using RCON

RCON is enabled by default for the palworld-server-docker image. Opening the RCON CLI is quite easy:

docker exec -it palworld-server rcon-cli

This will open a CLI that uses RCON to write commands to the Palworld Server.

List of server commands

Command Info
Shutdown {Seconds} {MessageText} The server is shut down after the number of Seconds
DoExit Force stop the server.
Broadcast Send message to all player in the server
KickPlayer {SteamID} Kick player from the server..
BanPlayer {SteamID} BAN player from the server.
TeleportToPlayer {SteamID} Teleport to current location of target player.
TeleportToMe {SteamID} Target player teleport to your current location
ShowPlayers Show information on all connected players.
Info Show server information.
Save Save the world data.

For a full list of commands go to: https://tech.palworldgame.com/server-commands

Creating a backup

To create a backup of the game’s save at the current point in time, use the command:

docker exec palworld-server backup

This will create a backup at /palworld/backups/

The server will run a save before the backup if rcon is enabled.

Editing Server Settings

When the server starts, a PalWorldSettings.ini file will be created in the following location: <mount_folder>/Pal/Saved/Config/LinuxServer/PalWorldSettings.ini

Any changes made there will be applied to the Server on next boot.

Please keep in mind that the ENV variables will always overwrite the changes made to PalWorldSettings.ini.

For a more detailed list of explanations of server settings go to: shockbyte

Reporting Issues/Feature Requests

Issues/Feature requests can be submitted by using this link.

Known Issues

Known issues are listed in the wiki

Source: https://github.com/thijsvanloef/palworld-server-docker?tab=readme-ov-file

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