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Palworld Server Optimize game balance

The game balance can be optimize in the same way as a single-player. This is configuration by a configuration file.

Configuration file location

These files will not generate until after the server has been started once.

Windows – Steam, SteamCMD


Linux – SteamCMD


Default setting

Default settings are located in steamapps/common/PalServer/DefaultPalWorldSettings.ini It is recommended to copy and use.

Configuration parameters

We recommend that you copy the default settings to a configuration file and then change only the necessary settings. Also, line breaks are not allowed in the middle of a line. *Note that there are parameters reserved for future updates.

Difficulty Difficulty
DayTimeSpeedRate Day time speed
NightTimeSpeedRate Night time speed
ExpRate EXP rate
PalCaptureRate Pal capture rate
PalSpawnNumRate Pal appearance rate
PalDamageRateAttack Damage from pals multipiler
PalDamageRateDefense Damage to pals multipiler
PlayerDamageRateAttack Damage from player multipiler
PlayerDamageRateDefense Damage to player multipiler
PlayerStomachDecreaceRate Player hunger depletion rate
PlayerStaminaDecreaceRate Player stamina reduction rate
PlayerAutoHPRegeneRate Player auto HP regeneration rate
PlayerAutoHpRegeneRateInSleep Player sleep HP regeneration rate
PalStomachDecreaceRate Pal hunger depletion rate
PalStaminaDecreaceRate Pal stamina reduction rate
PalAutoHPRegeneRate Pal auto HP regeneration rate
PalAutoHpRegeneRateInSleep Pal sleep health regeneration rate (in Palbox)
BuildObjectDamageRate Damage to structure multipiler
BuildObjectDeteriorationDamageRate Structure determination rate
CollectionDropRate Getherable items multipiler
CollectionObjectHpRate Getherable objects HP multipiler
CollectionObjectRespawnSpeedRate Getherable objects respawn interval
EnemyDropItemRate Dropped Items Multipiler
DeathPenalty Death penalty None : No lost, Item : Lost item without equipment, ItemAndEquipment : Lost item and equipment, All : Lost All item, equipment, pal(in inventory)
GuildPlayerMaxNum Max player of Guild
PalEggDefaultHatchingTime Time(h) to incubate massive egg
ServerPlayerMaxNum Maximum number of people who can join the server
ServerName Server name
ServerDescription Server description
AdminPassword AdminPassword
ServerPassword Set the server password.
PublicPort Public port number
PublicIP Public IP
RCONEnabled Enable RCON
RCONPort Port number for RCON

Source: https://tech.palworldgame.com/optimize-game-balance

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