By | 2022-03-31

Added New Items Manage System (Only for ADMIN with permissions ADMIN_LEVEL_C)

In this New Items Manage System you will be able to give other users almost all the items that the Box drops. *** I want to remember that any abuse by any administrator will be demoted or banned *** (Depending on the circumstances)

This System has been complex to make more than 2000 lines of code to work correctly

Added New/Others Items to the Boxs System:

– +15 Knife Blink
– Super-Madness (30 Seconds, only for the Box)
– Antidote
– Golden Deagle (New Item Exclusive for the Box)
– Rail Cannon (New Item Exclusive for the Box)
– Infection Bomb
– Antidote Bomb
– Sweet Revenge (New Item Exclusive for the Box)
– Gas Mask
– MiniGUN
– Chainsaw
– +250 Armor
– +500 Health (For Humans)
– +2500 Health (For Zombies)
– +10000 Health (For Nemesis)
– Wall Climb
– +20 Laser Mine
– Bazooka

– Adjusted Item Swarm Mode (Exclusive for VIP only. Price lowered from 3000 to 1500 Ammo Packs)
– Adjusted Happy Hour System (For ZM CA: Now the Schedule is from 21:00 PM untill 23:00 PM)

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