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[L4D/L4D2] Character Select Menu (2.5a/b)

This plugin allows players to change their character or model, regardless if they are survivor or infected.

Credits: MagnoT for the idea, Sourcemod team for sourcemod, and Valve for a great game.

There are two versions of CSM now. I had to take this course of action because the Generic/Bill’s m_survivorCharacter netprop I used crashed on certain servers. If Bill or The Passing with L4D1 survivors was crashing your server in version 2.3 for you, use 2.5a, else use 2.5b if version 2.3 was working for you.

Notes about the L4D1 Survivors: Bill works now without crashing the game and the L4D1 Survivors all have their voices and icons implemented thanks to Valve. The versus scoring now works with the L4D1 Survivors, a bit with a workaround. The workarounds can be noticed as followed:

Bill’s hands may “disappear” for a split second from time to time. This is normal and is the only way to prevent Bill from crashing. For those who want to know why he crashes the game, its because the Director has trouble spawning common infected (yes its related to common infected) near him.

In Versus, Bill’s hands and icons (along with the other L4D1 Survivors in versus) will flash as a L4D2 survivor. Again, this is normal for scoring purposes.

The glitches that occur with the L4D1 survivors in The Passing have also been fixed with workarounds.

The game should no longer crash due to precache errors. The models now precache the second they are needed.

The plugin will now save the character when a map starts and ends, and restore the player’s character when the map starts.

A new command has been added called “csc” (Character Select Client) which allows admins with a generic flag to change the character or model of that of a client or admin in the server.

You cannot play as the L4D2 Survivors in the L4D1 Campaigns except as models. The code to support them is just not there within the game.

The plugin no longer affects the Infected team. Anything “Infected” related is actually affects the survivor team.

If your server is on a L4D1 Campaign, you need to set l4d_csm_l4d1_survivors to 2, else glitches will occur.

Seems like I need to clarify the “l4d_csm_infected_access” cvar. This does apply to the infected team at all, as this plugin cannot be used on the infected team. For those who want to change their character on the infected team, I recommend using Zombie Character Select.



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