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[TF2] gScramble Team Balancer/Scrambler 3.0.33

gScramble, a Comprehensive Team Manager for TF2

– Optional HlxCE api Plugin for HlxCE sorting I take no credit at all for this api plugin, but I will support it, and change it if needed
– Optional gameME plugin for the gameME sorting
– Optional clientprefs plugin/extension for disconnect tracking
– TF2 extension


  • Antithasys for all the help every time i bugged him when I didn’t know what i was doing, letting me use his project site, and approving the plugin!
  • MikeJS for help with team-score manipulation and Auto-Update
  • _david_ for keeping things going while I was gone
  • GameMe for adding the native functions for querying the DB
  • Psychonic for all his help and HLX Community
  • Everyone for making suggestions and finding my dumb bugs so this could be such a useful script

Shameless money begging

This is Me on Steam! (Please PM me before adding me on steam though, scammers are annoying)
BrutalGoerge Is my reddit username. Feel free to PM me there as well.

Features 3.0.33(most features have a corresponding ConVar in cfg/sourcemod/plugin.gscramble.cfg)


  • 14 Sort Modes
    • 1 = Random
    • 2 = Scoreboard Scores
    • 3 = A ratio of score and connection time
    • 4 = Player kill/death ratios
    • 5 = Swap the top players on each team
    • 6 = Use GameMe rank
    • 7 = Use GameMe Skill
    • 8 = Use GameMe Global Rank
    • 9 = Use GameMe Global Skill
    • 10 = Use GameME session skill change
    • 11 = Use HlxCE Rank
    • 12 = Use HlxCE Skill
    • 13 = Sort players by player class
    • 14 = Plugin randomly chooses a mode from all the available
  • Make admins, medics, or engineers immune from scramble
  • Respawn everyone after scramble depending on time and setting
  • Charge medic ubercannon if scramble occurs during setup
  • Reset setup timer if scramble occurs during setup
  • Disable immunities when too many players are immune


  • scramble when one team is over-powered
  • can trigger a vote instead of scrambling


  • Dueling players immune from auto-balance
  • Balance valid players (admin, engineers, top scoring players, players helping their team (cp captures, flag touching, sentry destroying), and medics all can be made immune)
  • Force balance after teams have been imbalanced too long


  • Admin can execute force-balance command
  • Force-balance can happen between rounds
  • Force-balance can happen if teams become too imbalanced


  • Admin menu integration
  • Force clients to accept their new team by blocking join team commands (detect reconnecting with clientprefs)
  • RTV-style votescramble starting
  • Admin commands for starting a scramble vote
  • Allow clients to choose what team they’d prefer to be on (overrides auto-balance)
  • Native bool gs_isBlocked(client) to see if the plugin is blocking someone from swapping teams
  • (Experimental) Ask clients recently swapped if they want to rejoin their old team when someone reconnects and gets forced onto a team
  • If enabled, block clients from changing to spectate if it will cause an imbalance
  • If enabled, allow clients to choose a buddy to protect themselves from auto-balance and scramble.
  • If enabled, block public voting when admins are present.
  • If enabled, block clients from changing teams when mp_forceautoteam is enabled
  • If enabled, select spectators during scramble and force-balance. (People who have recently connected, and people who have chosen spectator)
  • *NEW If enabled, disable auto balance as the payload cart nears the final objective.


sm_cancel         admin        Cancels any active scramble.  Blocks auto-scramble check if run during bonusround
sm_forcebalance   admin        Forces a team balance if an imbalance exists.
sm_preference     console      Allows clients to choose what team they prefer
sm_resetvotes     admin        Resets all public votes.
sm_scramble       admin        sm_scramble <delay> <respawn> <mode>
sm_scrambleround  admin        Scrambles at the beginning of the next round
sm_scramblevote   admin        Start a vote. sm_scramblevote <now/end>
sm_addbuddy        console     add a buddy

To use HLXCE Api plugin, you will need a database entry for your HLXCE database. For those anal about security, you can create a read-only user for the sourcemod connection to this database.

        "driver"        "mysql"
        "host"            "localhost (or address if remote)"
        "database"        "hlstatsx (whatever you named the db)"
        "user"            "goerge (db user)"
        "pass"            "bestpluginsever (db pass)"
        "port"            "3306"


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