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SM Super Commands by pRED*

Latest version is 0.6 – See the attached zip file.
The posted other files are still 0.52 while I finish up the transition.

I got the idea for this from the plugin amxx super for cs1.6. Credit goes to Bmann_420 and Bo0m! for the idea..

Large range of admin fun commands..
Requires The admin flags Custom 4 for most commands (letter ‘r’)

You need to put the plugin.supercmds.txt file into your gamedata folder and then restart your server.

Recommended to use SM Super Menu in conjunction with this plugin (they were designed together) to make life easier. Not necessary though.

All powers are reset each round.

Features and Commands:

Armour – sm_armour <player> <armour>
HP – sm_hp <player> <hp>
Bury – sm_bury <player>, sm_unbury <player>
Igniting Players – sm_burn <player> <seconds>
Give item (weapons etc) – sm_weapon <player> <itemname> (eg weapon_ak47)
Teamswap – sm_teamswap
Move player team – sm_team <player> <teamid> (CSS 1-spec, 2-t, 3-ct)
Defuse Kit – sm_defuser <player> <1|0>
NightVision – sm_nv <player> <1|0>
Helmet – sm_helmet <player> <1|0>
God Mode – sm_god <player> <1|0>
Gravity – sm_gravity <player> <Float gravity multiplier> (eg 1.0 (normal), 0.5 (half))
Extend – sm_extend <minutes>
No Clip – sm_noclip <player> <1|0>
Speed – sm_speed <player> <Float speed multiplier> (eg 1.0 (normal), 2.0 (double))
Damage Done (shows damage done to other players in a hint text message)
– Cvar: sm_showdamage <1|0>
Respawn – sm_respawn <player>
Shutdown – sm_shutdown (forces players to retry as well, usefull if server auto restarts)
Connect Announce – Cvar: sm_connectannounce <1|0>
Admin See All – Cvar: sm_adminseeall <1|0>
Teleport – sm_teleport <player/@ALL/@CT/@T> <x/#saveloc> <y> <z>
Client Execute – sm_exec <player/@ALL/@CT/@T> <command string>
Get Player Location – sm_getloc <player> – leave blank for your location
Save Player Location – sm_saveloc – Saves your current location and gives you a saveloc number to use with teleport


sm_super_cmds.smx -> plugins folder
sm_super_cmds.sp -> scripting folder (optional)
super_command_overrides.cfg -> config folder
plugin.supercmds.txt -> translations folder
supercmds.gamedata.txt -> gamedata folder.

0.6 Contains a ridiculously overpowered and over complex method to let you customize the output for each and every command separately. I’m not entirely sure why I added this.

Anyway the idea is you open up super_command_overrides.cfg (read the instructions!!). Then you edit the default value to what you want most commands to do. Then add special lines for each command you want different. Its simple really.

I’ve also removed all the #define ADMIN_LEVEL stuff from the source file. EVERY SINGLE COMMAND uses ‘custom4’ as the admin level now (with the exception of the admin see all chat which which uses ‘chat’).
If you want to change these use overrides – http://wiki.alliedmods.net/Overridin…ss_(SourceMod)



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