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SoD Player Stats

For CSGO (protobuf) update : see this post – Written by RedSword

SoD Stats


If you’re looking for a stats plugin that takes hours to setup and daily maintenance, then look somewhere else. This stats plugin has a zero-configuration install. Just unzip this to your server and join the game. It just works.

Don’t worry about upgrades either. When there’s a new version, just unzip the new files and your stats will be automatically and seamlessly updated.

Simple is good.

Setup & Upgrade

Unzip sodstats.zip to your game directory.

When upgrading to version 1.0.10 you may have to reset stats and change the map upon first run.

Statistics Information
A players gains two points per kill, plus one extra point for each 100 points higher his victim’s score is. The victim loses the equivalent number of points. This is done so that a really good player cannot boost his score by killing beginners over and over again; likewise, when a skilled player connects he can reach a high rating quickly because everyone else will start out with a much higher score.

This is hardly a tried and tested method, but from testing on my own server, it did seem to correctly identify the skill level of the players. It slightly rewards playing time, but mostly individual skill.

When I get the time, I’ll add a team score for games like TF2 and DoD:S.


sm_stats_enabled – [1/0] – Enables/disables stat storing and say commands.
sm_stats_startpoints – [0-10000] – Sets the starting points for new players.
sm_stats_displaymode – [0/1/2] – Changes who sees chat output. (0: public rank display, 1: private rank display, 2: chat rank display).


sm_stats_reset – Resets player stats.
sm_stats_purge [#days] – Removes players from database who haven’t connected for [#days] days.

Say “rank” to see your rank.
Say “top” or “top10” to see the top ten players.
Say “session” or “statsme” to see your session and stats information.


This plugin uses the default “storage-local” database. The goal was to make a simple copy/paste plugin without configuration. If you want players to be stored in a different database, I will add a configuration file.

If the top10, statsme and session menus are appearing incorrectly in your mod, then read the following thread:
(Credits to Warnink for finding this)

If you are running DoD:S and downloaded v1.0.11 before August 13th, please redownload to obtain the DoD:S hotfix.


The SourceMod team and everyone whose plugins I reviewed to learn SourcePawn.
mplostcause – for testing on DoD:S
misfit – for testing on TF2
Sgt-Mess, Bl1nk, PStar, Box Cutter, Guardia Republicano – for testing v1.0.11

Pending Features

Translations (I’ll need some help!)
Kill-to-Death ratio in “rank”

sm_stats_resetrank <STEAM_ID>
sm_stats_minkills <#kills>
sm_stats_countbots <1/0>

Zombie Panic!:
Removing penalty for deaths (please PM me if you have a better idea for a Zombie Panic! point system)



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