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[L4D/L4D2] Infected Bots Control (1.0.0)

Note: This plugin has been overhauled. I have removed the ability to play as infected in coop/survival among other things for the sake of stability for the plugin.


– Allows Infected bots to be spawned in versus in L4D1
– Allows auto spawning of multiple Special Infected in all game modes
– Change spawn times of the bots
– Various cvars for maximum customization including more than 4 infected players (Including L4D2 Coop!)
– Auto kicks idle infected bots
– And much more!

It is compatible with KAC 1.2 and above, for those who are wondering.

I also recommend Thraka’s Game Mode Config Loader to change game settings for each gamemode.

How to install:
– Download l4dinfectedbots.smx or compile (on your pc) l4dinfectedbots.sp with latest 1.3 snapshot.
– Download the l4dinfectedbots.txt gamedata file.
– Copy the l4dinfectedbots.smx file to the ../sourcemod/plugins folder and the l4dinfectedbots.txt gamedata file to the ../sourcemod/gamedata folder.


Q: I’m setting the class limits like the boomer limit and smoker limit to 4, but why aren’t I getting 8 specials total?

A: You need to set l4d_infectedbots_max_specials to 8 so that you can have a total of 8 specials on the field. Otherwise, it’s just going to spawn 4 by default.

Q: The infected bots are not spawning!

A: Make sure l4d_infectedbots_director_spawn is off first. If it is off and they are not spawning, and it wasn’t a custom map, might want to make sure that another plugin is not kicking them or messing with some cvar settings. See question 12 if you would like to post a problem about the plugin.

A: I know the L4D Loading Bug Fix is not compatible with this plugin, as it switches director_no_specials to 1. Anything that messes with the infected spawning or kicking bots will most likely have an effect. I will add onto this answer from additional feedback.

Q: The Survivor (or Infected) Bots pathfinding sucks! They seem to do weird stuff like walk into walls or attempt to climb infected ladders!

A: I can’t do anything about the pathfinding, only Valve can handle that.

Q: I’m getting this “
C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\l4dinfectedb ots.sp::BotTypeNeeded()” error over and over again in the logs!

A: This error is happens when the plugin was unable to find a class available to spawn. One of the reasons that may cause this is that the class limits do not equal or exceed l4d_infectedbots_max_specials.

For example:

l4d_infectedbots_smoker_limit 2
l4d_infectedbots_boomer_limit 2
l4d_infectedbots_max_specials 4

Also Good:
l4d_infectedbots_smoker_limit 6
l4d_infectedbots_boomer_limit 6
l4d_infectedbots_max_specials 4

l4d_infectedbots_smoker_limit 1
l4d_infectedbots_boomer_limit 1
l4d_infectedbots_max_specials 4

Q: There is something wrong with the plugin in general!

A: A few solutions:

Delete the plugin and gamedata file and re-download them.

Verify your local cache by right clicking on the game in steam and clicking properties, local files tab and finally click Verify integrity of game cache.

Another solution is to uninstall the game and reinstall as I’ve heard this will fix crashes that occur with the plugin.

If things still don’t go right…

Post the following information:

1. The operating system (Windows or Linux)

2. The game (L4D or L4D2)

3. Metamod and Sourcemod versions

4. Server.cfg (or a list of in-game cvars that were changed, including gamemode)

5. The l4dinfectedbots version you are using

6. l4dinfectedbots.cfg

7. Any sourcemod error logs or logs in general

8. A detailed description of how I can replicate the problem. This will help me solve problems much quicker and efficiently.

14: Q: How do I turn off the plugin?

A: Setting l4d_infectedbots_director_spawn to 1 is the equilvalent to the plugin being off.

Q: How do I change the range the infected bots are spawned at?

A: z_spawn_range



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