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[CS:GO] WarMod [BFG]

WarMod [BFG] edition


Warmod will require Sourcemod v1.10+ to compile
CS:GO SM version requirements can be found here: Required Versions – Sourcemod

This is an updated version of the Game Tech WarMod by Twelve-60. https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=60952 It has been coded up from his old CS:S source code on github.

It is specifically designed to be used for competitive matches, and provides the flexibility to suit any form of competition, including large tournaments down to clan matches.

WIP: http://warmod.wikia.com/wiki/Warmod_Wikia


Feature list:

  • Ready System – Used for players to set themselves as ready or not ready for the match to begin
  • Automatic Live On 3 – Once all players are ready, the match will lo3 automatically.
  • Admin Menu – A complete admin menu for managing the servers and controlling WarMod.
  • Score Display – At the end of each match round, the score is displayed for all players including GOTV
  • Automatic GOTV Recording – GOTV demos are automatically recorded for each game, and named according to the current date/time/map and team names.
  • Statistics – WarMod logs are recorded on all matches which can be used to create extremely comprehensive statistics either for a live or post-live match.
  • Play out Support – Also supports the match playing out the rest of the rounds even though a team has already won.
  • Multilingual Support – Currently supporting English, German, Russian, Hungarian and French. [using old files]

Language support:

  • English
  • German (Credit: Stingbyte)
  • Russian (Credit: FroL)
  • French (Credit: narutopgm)
  • Hungarian (Credit: PStar)

CVAR/Command list:
ADMIN commands:

  • /notlive // Cancels half and sets all as unready. Aliases: /nl /cancelhalf /ch
  • /cancelmatch // Cancels half and sets all as unready. Aliases: /cm
  • /readyup // If wm_autoready is 0, this command will be required to start/stop the ready system. Aliases: /ru
  • /readyon // Turns on or restarts the ReadyUp System. Aliases: /ron
  • /readyoff // Turns off the ReadyUp System if enabled. Aliases: /roff
  • /forceallready // Forces all players to become ready. Aliases: /far
  • /forceallunready // Forces all players to become unready. Aliases: /faur
  • /forcestart // Starts the match regardless of player and ready count. Aliases: /fs
  • /forceend // Ends the match regardless of status. Aliases: /fe
  • /minready <num> // Set or display the wm_min_ready console variable
  • /maxrounds <num> // Set or display the wm_max_rounds console variable
  • /aswap // Manually swaps all players to the opposite team
  • /t & /ct // Will set the Terrorist and Counter-Terrorist team names – Note: No longer changes the cvars wm_t and wm_ct
  • /active // Toggles the CVAR wm_active
  • /knife // Removes all money + weapons + c4 and executes wm_knifeconfig. Aliases: /ko3
  • /cancelknife // Cancels the knife round. Aliases: /ck

CLIENT commands:

  • /ready // Marks you ready if /readyup has been done or wm_autoready is 1. Aliases: /rdy /r
  • /unready // Marks you not ready if /readyup has been done or wm_autoready is 1. Aliases: /notready /unrdy /notrdy /ur /nr
  • /scores // Displays score if live. Aliases: /score /s
  • /info // Display who the ready panel if closed. Aliases: /i

Pause cvar’s

  • wm_pause_comfirm – “1”, “Wait for other team to comfirm pause: 0 = off, 1 = on”
  • wm_auto_unpause – “1”, “Sets auto unpause: 0 = off, 1 = on”
  • wm_auto_unpause_delay – “180”, “Sets the seconds to wait before auto unpause”
  • wm_pause_limit – “1”, “Sets max pause count per team per half”

Install instructions:

  1. Install MetaMod [Latest snapshot of stable branch] https://www.sourcemm.net/downloads.php?branch=stable
  2. Install SourceMod [Latest snapshot of stable branch] https://www.sourcemod.net/downloads.php?branch=stable
  3. Add the warmod plugin to the csgo/addons/sourcemod/plugins folder : https://warmod.bitbucket.io/plugins/warmod.smx
  4. Start the server and you should be good to go. All the configs and the English translation file will be auto created.

These have all the files required for Warmod and the FTP upload.
To set up the FTP part please refer to this thread: Click Me

Include files from other projects: (these are located on my bit bucket – May not be up to date with their projects)

Translation files:
Chi file here
De file here
Fr file here
Hu file here
Pt file here
Ro file here
Ru file here
Sv file here
English file here

Warmod will require Sourcemod v1.10+

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