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How to create BGP Network?

To create a Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) network, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Obtain a unique autonomous system (AS) number from a regional internet registry (RIR). This number will identify your BGP network to other systems on the internet.
  2. Configure your router to use BGP as the routing protocol. This will typically involve specifying the AS number, as well as any other necessary parameters such as the BGP router ID.
  3. Establish BGP peering sessions with other BGP routers. This can be done using either external BGP (EBGP) sessions, which connect to routers in other autonomous systems, or internal BGP (IBGP) sessions, which connect to routers within your own AS.
  4. Create BGP routing policies to determine how traffic is routed within your network. This may involve specifying which routes to prefer, or how to handle traffic between different ASes.
  5. Test your BGP configuration to ensure that it is functioning correctly and that traffic is being routed as expected.

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