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[TF2] Model Manager 1.0.4

Allows players to equip custom models. Let’s not get Valve to shut this down, now, shall we?

Thanks to Damizean, this is basically his TF2 Equipment Manager plugin except with a model changer instead of a hat equipper.
Thanks to Sazpaimon for model conversion research.
Thanks to Pimpinjuice for reskin conversion research.


  • tf_models_admin – Removed this cvar.
  • tf_models_admin_flags – Having one of these flags marks you as an administrator, for the ADMIN_DEFAULT item flag and for immunity to the lock command.
  • tf_models_admin_override – Clients with access to the “tf_models_admin_override_access” override (see the “admin overrides” link above) will see all the models in the list, rather than just the ones usable with their current class/team.
  • tf_models_announce – Announces usage and tips about equippable models.
  • tf_models_announce_plugin – Announces information of the plugin when joining.
  • tf_models_force_admins – Forces the default model for admin users (ADMIN_DEFAULT).
  • tf_models_force_users – Forces the default model for common users (USER_DEFAULT).
  • tf_models_delayonspawn – Amount of time to wait to re-equip a model after spawn. Apparently for compatibility with old melee plugins
  • tf_models_blocktriggers – Hides the chat (!mm) plugin triggers, so that when clients type them they don’t show up in chat.
  • tf_models_list – Change the config file used to make the item list. Useful if you want to have a different set of models for each map. Files for this go in addons/sourcemod/configs/tf2modelmanager/.


  • tf_models – Shows the model management menu. Set an admin override for this to control access to the model menu.
  • equip, mm, em, equipmodels – Aliases for tf_models, these obey the tf_models override.
  • tf_models_equip <target> <name> – Forces to equip a model onto a client. Don’t need quotes around <name>, and it searches for a model in the list. Exact matches come first, then if more than one is found, it tells you what it found and asks for the command again.
  • tf_models_remove <target> – Forces to remove a model on the target.
  • tf_models_lock <target> <1/0> – Locks/unlocks the target’s model so it can’t be changed.
  • tf_models_override <target> <1/0> – Enables restriction overriding for the target (they can equip any model regardless of class/team).
  • tf_models_reload – Reparses the items file and rebuilds the model list.

Installation: (video tutorial is in the next post)

  • Unsupported for anything below SM 1.5
  • You need to have the clientprefs extension for SourceMod (it’s a stock SourceMod extension, if I remember correctly)
  • Place tf2_modelmanager.smx in addons/sourcemod/plugins/
  • Place tf2_modelmanager.phrases.txt in addons/sourcemod/translations/
  • Place tf2_modellist.cfg in addons/sourcemod/configs/tf2modelmanager/. Make sure this is lowercase.
  • Once all of these are placed, either do ‘sm plugins refresh’ in console, change the map, or restart the server. Then, go to tf/cfg/sourcemod/tf2_modelmanager.cfg and change any cvars you want to change.
  • If you’re compiling yourself, you need morecolors.inc. You’ll also need the latest SM 1.5 includes.



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