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quake sounds [Revamped] 2.7.5

Quake Sounds [Revamped]
Version: 2.7.5
Old Name: Quake Sounds

The plugin plays sounds and displays text at certain events sometimes based on the number of kills. It currently includes by default two separate sound sets from Quake, a male set and a female set. The sounds and events can be configured.

Changes From the Original

  • Added: client preferences (AKA: cookies or clientprefs)
  • Removed: keyvalues for client settings
  • Fixed bugs & optimized (The original does not work properly)
  • Changed: how quakesoundslist.cfg is read and configured
  • Changed: how plugin.quakesounds.txt is configured
  • Added: DOD head shot support
  • Added: Client preferences menu support (!settings)

Supported Games:

  • Counter Strike:Source
  • Day of Defeat:Source
  • Half Life 2: Deathmatch
  • Team Fortress 2
  • others are unsupported, but you may try this plugin using the “_other.sp” version

Limitations and How to Change Them:

  • Number of Sets (default 5): in quakesounds.sp change #define MAX_NUM_SETS 5
  • Number of sound files (default 102): in quakesounds.sp change #define MAX_NUM_FILES 102


  1. Pick one of the attached .sp files based on the game your server runs.
  2. put sm_quakesounds.cfg in cstrike/cfg/sourcemod
  3. extract “quake.zip” and put the generated folder called “quake” in cstrike/sound
  4. put plugin.quakesounds.txt in cstrike/addons/sourcemod/translations
  5. put quakesoundslist.cfg in cstrike/addons/sourcemod/configs
  6. compile quakesounds_<game>.sp in the forum by clicking the “Get Plugin” link
  7. put the generated quakesounds_<game>.smx in cstrike/addons/sourcemod/plugins


1. for quakesoundslist.cfg

“0” <– (NOTE: plays the sound for every head shot) Number of Kills required to play the sound
“standard” “quake/headshot.mp3”
“female” “quake/female/headshot.mp3”
“config” “0”
“1” <– Number of Kills required to play the sound
“standard” “quake/headshot.mp3”
“female” “quake/female/headshot.mp3”
“config” “0”

“config” “”
The field works as follows:
0: Off
1: Play sound to everyone
2: Play sound to attacker
4: Play sound to victim
8: Print text to everyone
16: Print text to attacker
32: Print text to victim

You need to add the above values to get your value
If you want to play sounds and text to everyone 1 + 8 = 9
If you want to print text to everyone but only want sounds to play for those involved: 2 + 4 + 8 = 14

2. for plugin.quakesounds.txt

“headshot 1” <– 1 = Number of Kills required to play the sound
“#format” “{1:s},{2:s}”
“en” “{1} Headshot”
“de” “{1} Kopfschuss”
“fr” “{1} aime les grosses têtes !!”
“headshot 3” <– 3 = Number of Kills required to play the sound
“#format” “{1:s},{2:s}”
“en” “{1} Hattrick”
“de” “{1} Hattrick”
“fr” “{1} Tour du chapeau”


  • sm_quakesounds_version: The version number
  • sm_quakesounds_enable [1/0]: Enables the plugin
  • sm_quakesounds_announce: Enables the plugin announcement
  • sm_quakesounds_text: The default text setting for new users
  • sm_quakesounds_sound: The default sound setting for new users



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