– Description
This mod is a mix of PUBG + Fortnite (some sounds and features like fortnite – effects sounds, impulse grenade and more) and others features from PUBG (kill display, redzone, helmets, Kevlar and more). This mod is kinda funny too.

If people still without understanding what Battlegrounds is, lemme explain the mod basically:

– Players starts flying throught the map without any item/weapons.
– They can jump whenever they want on whichever place they want to.
– By landing on the ground, they should get a gun at first to defend themselves from enemies.
– They can find weapons with different rarities. Depending of it, they’ll give more damage to enemies.
– They can also find items that can help them to play, like medkit, kevlar and etc.
– The last standing will win, you can play as solo or with some players by your side (duo, trio or squad).


Kevlar (protect from bullets)
Helmet (protect from head shots)
Medkit (players can heal their health)
Impulse Grenade (It impulses the player)
Bag (players can carry more items/weapons)
Guspe (Players are teletransported to the highest point)
Chug Jug (You receive full health + full kevlar)
Wall (You can build a wall in front of you)
Grappler (you can pull yourself towards objects)
Jetpack (you guys know that)
RPG (you guys know that)
Glider (Gives you X extra parachutes)
Slurp (Regenerates X hp)
Launchpad (Impulse players upwards)
Health Turret (creates a turret which gives health to players around it)


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