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JailBreak Mod v1.7.1

Added new days update jailbreak.txt file
Added New models and sounds.
Try new command /ffa free for all Commands with gun-game and snowballwar and more… Also Change nightcrawler day made it better.
Try the /box command


JailBreak Mod Is very amazing plugin. It has Custom days that you can choose like Zombie day, DeathMatch day, HidenSeek day, Freeze Tag Day, Night Crawler Day, Spartan Day, and Shark day just to name a few. This Jailbreak Mod Also comes with a shop menu for the prisoners and for the grauds a class menu. What makes this plugin better then others is that it all works together flawlessly. This Jailbreak Mod also comes with a kick ass last request with cool games.

Server Cvars:

jb_shop “1” // Enable/disable shop
jb_points_kill “1” // Points per kill
jb_points_headshot “1” // Additional points per headshot
jb_shop_crowbar “20” // price for crowbar
jb_shop_armor “10” // price for armor
jb_shop_disguise “50” // price for armor
jb_shop_nadepack “10” // price for nade pack
jb_shop_speed “10” // price for speed
jb_shop_invisibility “10” // price for stealth
jb_shop_footstep “10” // price for footstep
jb_crowbar_limit “2” // crowbar limit
jb_invisibility_limit “5” // stealth limit
jb_footstep_limit “5” // footstep limit
jb_speed_limit “5” // speed limit
jb_disguise_limit “1” // disguise limit
jb_shop_alpha_value “120” // alpha value
jb_shop_speed_value “500” // speed value
jb_admin_daywait “2” // Wait days before starting a new day
jb_startvote_wait “5” // Wait days Before starting a new day
jb_blockvoice “1” // 0- Alltalk 1- Guards can’t hear prisoners 2- Prisoners can’t talk
jb_fogeffect “1” // Enable Fog (1 = Enable) (2 = Disable)
jb_enablespray “1” // Enable spray (1 = Enable) (2 = Disable)
jb_shootbuttons “1” // Allow button press by bullets
jb_cellkey_limit “2” // call keys limit
jb_shop_cellkeys “45” // price for cell keys
jb_unlockvote “4” // 1 == one round 2 == two rounds etc…
jb_rockthedaypercent “90” // 90% of the players will need to type rtd inorder to start a voteday….
jb_headshot_only “1” // 1 = Enable 0 = disabled. This is for last request for scout dual

Client Commands:

say /day – Brings up day menu
say /voteday – Starts a vote day
say /lr OR say .lr – To bring up last request menu
say /spray – To enable spary messages
say /glow OR /freeday – To glow someone
say /unglow – To unglow someone
say /shop – To open shop menu
say /simon – To bring up simon menu
say /talk OR /talkchannel OR /channel OR /mic – To bring up New Mic System
say /points – To check how many points you got
say /box OR /boxmatch – To start a boxing match between prisoners
say /open OR /close – To open or close all the doors in the map.
say /random – To pick a random prisoner to be a guard.
amx_take_points – To take away points
amx_give_points – To give points
amx_reset_points – Resets points back to 15
amx_set_button – Set the button that open the cells You must be looking at the button inorder for it to get the correct button.
Bind a key to glow_blue – So you can just aim and glow
Bind a key to glow_red – So you can just aim and glow
Bind a key to unglow – So you can just aim and unglow
say /next – When in math problem you will reviece a new math problem
And There are many more
say /rtd – Will rock the day if enabled kinda works like rtv
say /ffa – will open a menu to change a fun game

Shop Menu // Class Menu // Simon // Mic System:

Shop Menu – Increase your chances of surviving the day without dieing.
How it works: You recieve points for getting kills as being a prisoner and each kill is 1 point. You can only open the shop menu if the jail cells have not been open let by the gaurds.

The Shop Menu Consist

Crowbar: 20 Points 0/2 players can have it
Armor: 10 Points
Nade Pack: 10 Points
Invisiblity: 10 Points 0/5 players can have it
Speed: 10 Points 0/5 players can have it
No footsteps: 10 Points 0/5 players can have it
Disguise: 50 Points 0/1 players can have it
Cell keys: 45 Points 0/2 players can have it

The Class menu is only for guards and can only be used if the guards did not open the cells let. It equips them with gear that will make them a successful guard.

The Class Menu

Special Ops (m4a1, usp)
Spetsnaz (ak, glock)
SAS (awp, deagle)
GSG 9 (ump, usp)
SWAT Team (m3, p22)
Israel Police (mac10, Deagle)
Kommando (bullpup, p22)
Reinforcements (shield, usp) – Admins Only
Heavy Duty (m249, elites) – Admins Only
Defender (galil, deagle) – Admins Only

The Simon Menu

Open Cells – …
Color Prisoners Into Teams – Makes 2 teams and glows them
Bell – Makes a bell sound
Math Problems – Sets the prisoners up for Math problems And creates a math problem. User can type 1337 to reviece new problem.
Random Prisoner Death – Kills a Random prisoner
Only Admins with Simon Access can use this.

The Mic System Menu

You can Toggle users channels So they can talk // only hear people.

Last Request Menu:

The Last Request Menu Consist

1 on 1 Knife – knife battle
Shot 4 shot – Choose any weapon
Race – First one to the finish line
Gun Toss – Choose any weapon
Spary Contest – Spray distance checker
Grenade Duel – Grenade battle
Suicide Bomber – Exploder
Scout Duel – Low gravity Scout Duel
Rebel Options – If there is more then 3 alive guards then anyone can use else only Head admins can.

Days // votedays Menu:

Days Menu – Only Admins that are Guards can start one of theses days.

Gravity Day – Changes to Low Gravity
Freeday – Gives the prisoners a Freeday
Zombie Day – Makes the Guards Zombies and gives a ratio of HP with a Heat vision And the Prisoners Must stay alive without getting killed. The Prisoners are equip with Ak47 and must stick together.
Lave Day – Prisoners Must be on sprays at all times.
Shark Day – Gaurds are equip with no-clip and can only use there knife. Prisoners have only an awp and a knife to take down the sharks // Gaurds
Cage Day – All Prisoners report to cage
DeathMatch Day – Gaurds and Prisoners are equip with a random weapon and must fight to the death
Night Crawler Day – The Gaurds can not be heard from the Prisoners and have to seek up on them and kill them one by one While the Prisoners are equip with M41A’s and a knife.
Freeze Tag Day – The gravity is set to low and the gaurds must freeze all but prisoner to end the day and the prisoners can untag they teammates and work together to dodge the gaurds.
HideNseek Day – Guards will be frozen for 1 minute and the prisoners have to hide within the one minute, but the guards can only see 1000 units in front of them. Prisoners have fun Hiding.
Spartan Day – Gaurds have M4A1’s while Prisoners have shields and must work together to defeat!

For reverse days –
Reverse Zombie Day
Reverse Night Crawler
Reverse Shark Day

Gang Day – Prisoners are split up into 2 teams blue gang and one red gang and there fight to the death with 250hp with mac10s.
Midnight Nade War – Grenade war prisoners only fight to death with 200hp.
Usp Ninjas – Everyone gets a usp and hiders can not go outside seekers have to kill hiders

VoteDays Menu – Only Admins start a vote.
This will Bring a menu up for all users to choose a day and admins votes will count as 2 votes to whatever they choose.

Plugin Configurations:

Open the .sma file, and edit this if you want:

If you want to change the prefix
JailBreak-Mod // Plugin g_szPluginPrefix (Tag)

Change Access:
#define DAY_ACCESS ADMIN_BAN // access to start a day
#define VOTEDAY_ACCESS ADMIN_KICK // access to start a vote day.
#define SPRAY_ACCESS ADMIN_MENU // turn message on/off
#define ADMIN_CLASS ADMIN_BAN // access to the speical gaurd classes
#define ADMIN_MIC ADMIN_MENU // access to talk on there mic as prisoners
#define ADMIN_POINTS ADMIN_IMMUNITY // access to give/take/set points
#define WEIGHT_PLAYER 1//The weight of players votes
#define WEIGHT_ADMIN 2

#define NUMBER_OF_GAURDS 2 //This is for rebel options They must be 2 gaurds alive to choose this option in /lr or w/e you set the value to unless you are a head admin

//Max Simons allowed at ounce
#define MAX_SIMONS 1

//The value of this takes away hp from a user if they get a math question wrong
#define DMG_MATHQ 50

#define ZOMBIE_SPEED 400.0
#define REZOMBIE_SPEED 325.0
#define GRAVITY_DAY 200

#define RACE_TIMER 5 // Last request for race timer count down
#define CELL_TIMER 60.0 //Time before cells open automacticly if gaurds do not open cells themselfs

#define ADMIN_DOORS ADMIN_BAN // access to open/close doors as a prisoner

#define ADMIN_RANDOM_CT_SWITCH ADMIN_MENU // access to switch a prisoner to guard

g_iZombieDayLights “b” // Change this for the darkness of map when its a zombie/reverse day || You can choose abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz || a = PitchBlack z = Brightest
g_iGrenadeDayLights “b” // Midnight nade war works like zombie light

#define HIDE_N_SEEK_TIMER 60 //This is the timer that gives the prisoners to hide on HNS day

When you are done, save the .sma and compile it here:

Plugin Requirements:

  • Steam
  • AMX Mod X 1.8.0 or higher
    If you are having problems, please use the latest version of AMXX
  • CStrike Addon
  • Engine Module
  • Fakemeta Module
  • Hamsandwich Module
  • Fun Module
  • XS Include
  • NVault Module


Arkshine – unstuck method
ConnorMcLeod – Opening / Closing Doors & Team Damage
Exolent – For Mic System & Help & striping weapons & returning them
xGamer – Original Coder
joaquimandrade – For Viewable ct
XxAvalanchexX – For striping weapons
Dezkit – Ideas & Tester & Helper
ABC Studios – Ideas


tinker – [PT]
TH3 D0N – [DE]


Version 1.0 / 1.1 / 1.2 / 1.3 1.4 / 1.5&b&c
Initial Release
Added More options for admin access
Optimized code
Added Simon
Added more Customisation for user.
Added Math problems
Added a New Mic System
Added Mic System Menu
Added commands /mic /channel /talk – Opens Mic Menu
Added Countdown for race on last request
Fix Small compile issue
Added Zombie Fog
Added a Cvar to turn on/off zombie effect
Added Box Match
Added open / close all doors command

Version 1.6.2
Added shoot buttons with a cvar
Improved code a little bit
Added New shop item Called cell keys
Added so cells stay open // can be open by prisoners during an admin day.
Fix crash bug.
Added Zombie models for zombie & rezombie day
And Other Stuff…
Version 1.6.3
Added ML support
Version 1.6.4
Its fully ML supported now – Just need to some translators 
Version 1.6.5
Version 1.6.6 beta
Please test the beta version for any new/old bugs Thanks…
Version 1.6.7 beta
Added rock the day!
Fix some bugs
Added menu to pop up automacticly
You can now remove days // add days easy just take a look at sma
Please test the beta version for any new/old bugs Thanks…
Version 1.6.8 beta
Added new boxing sounds//models and made it cooler
Added 2 new cvars one for last request scout dual
Other one for rock the day percent need to be rock
Also changed how hidenseek works
Version 1.6.9 beta
Added new days change how vote menu works a little bit
Change shot 4 shot how user gets bullet…
and some other stuff // fixes
Version 1.7.0 beta
Added new games and change some days fix some bugs
Added new models and sounds
Version 1.7.1 beta
Fix some bugs
Added a new day usp ninjas



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