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Runemod 2

Runemod is a serverside modification powered by AMXmodX, that spawns runes(powerups) around the map, for the players to pick up. Runemod includes lots of unique powers, adding an extra element and a whole lot of fun to the game.

Runemod site is not likely to come only on the old domain, for the simpel reason runemod is not that popular and my primary focus is Source plugins atm.
Runemod will still get updated but not as often as it used to.

Runemod 2.2.2 released
This release fixes a few minor bugs, Also changes the smoke rune from being a bad rune to a regular one

How do i update from 2.2.1
1) Just extract the archive over your old files
2) Enable concrete boots rune if you want it

– Changed: You rune is no lonegr droped with option m and walking over pickupand forget rune
– Fixed: A few run time errors


  • File: runemod2_2_2 • 577 kB • 104 Downloads

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