!!!WARNING FOR ADMINS AND VIPS!!! (nick pw scam)

We have noticed lately that some admins names have been used illegally in our servers. Trying to ban players or advertise other servers. And after we banned them and removed their privileges they claimed they were innocent and that some one else used their names to do that. And after one minute of search and comparing ips and ids, we found they were right.
So here is the deal. Some admins who have their privileges on nick go and join some suspicious servers. When some one invites them to join for few minutes to try something or give some help or little advice.. (it happened to me my self more than once but i always refused). And when they do that noob steals their pw.
So from now on we wish u all to be careful what servers u join, or u change ur setinfo _pw before joining.
Cuz this time any admin will lose his pw will be banned and his privileges will be removed.
We inform u and we hope u all follow the instructions. And ignorance wont be excuse anymore.

– essa
Discussions: https://hl2go.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=65

Zombie Plague MEGA Server improvement

IP: cs.hl2go.com:27016

To Improve a ZP MEGA server we asking for your help.
We want to know, what in this server needs to be changed, added or removed.

For example:

I want that in this server will be:
– Added extra item “Golden Deagle”
– Removed zm_deko2 map
– Added zm_toxic_house, zm_zcs3 maps
– Changed Heavy player model to (model image or link to it)
– Removed VIP extra item “anti dote gun”
– Added end round sounds
– Edit extra items prices (antidote 10ammo, infection bomb 12ammo…)

And etc. Add all things what you want.
All your improvements we waiting here: https://hl2go.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=24