KooZic – Music server with powerful playlist features

By | 2022-08-06

KooZic – Music server with powerful playlist features and Subsonic compatibility. (DemoSource CodeLGPL-3.0/MIT Python


KooZic is a music streaming server based on the Odoo application. It gives you the possibility to access your music collection anywhere, from any device.

Getting started

For a standard installation, please follow the instructions from the official website.

v2_-_12_-_events01.th.png v2_-_06_-_artists02.th.png v2_-_06_-_artists01.th.png v2_-_05_-_albums01.th.png v2_-_02_-_playlist02.th.png v2_-_02_-_playlist01.th.png v2_-_01_-_home.th.png


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