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Updated Animation List for Scene Director

For Machinima Video creators.
Added new 145760 single animations up to Los Santos Drug Wars DLC:

99319-99964 Import/Export
99965-99967 Cunning Stunts: Special Vehicle Circuit
99968-102745 Gunrunning
102746-106455 Smuggler’s Run
106456-113742 The Doomsday Heist
113743-113788 Southern San Andreas Super Sport Series
113789-126850 After Hours
126851-129371 Arena Wars
129372-147059 The Diamond Casino & Resort
147060-157739 The Diamond Casino Heist
157740-168051 Lost anims from beta, cutscenes, TV shows and more
168052-168161 Los Santos Summer Special
168162-193876 The Cayo Perico Heist
193877-199556 Los Santos Tuners
199557-223552 The Contract
223553-225277 The Criminal Enterprises
225278-245080 Los Santos Drug Wars

Please always use the latest game version to avoid compatibility issues

• Make sure that you have installed Scene Director mod (with a scenedirector dlcpack).
• You can use New Synched Anim For Scene Director or Improved Scene Director Lights.
• Run .OIV package using OpenIV or check readme.txt for manual install.

v2.6 [OIV|Manual] • Added new 19803 anims from Los Santos Drug Wars DLC.
v2.5 [OIV|Manual] • Added new 1725 anims from The Criminal Enterprises DLC.
v2.4 [OIV] • Added new 23996 anims from The Contract DLC.
v2.3.1 [OIV] • Added .OIV package for more friendly installation and compatibility with other addons for Scene Director.
• Added new 5680 anims from Los Santos Tuners DLC.
• Added new 25715 anims from The Cayo Perico Heist.
• Added new 109 anims from Los Santos Summer Special DLC.
• Added 10311 lost anims from beta, cutscenes, TV shows and more.
• Added new 10680 anims from The Diamond Casino Heist DLC.
• Added new 17688 anims from The Diamond Casino & Resort DLC.
• Added new 2521 anims from Arena Wars DLC.
• First release.


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