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Modded Launcher (Works with RPF mods)

Version 2.2 out ! RAGEPluginHook option added, should now work with Steam !

This launcher will allow you to use two versions of GTA V, one modded (For Singleplayer) and a vanilla one (For Multiplayer).
It avoids backing up/restoring GTA V files !

Installation : In order to work you will need to have 2 directories :
– Your Original GTAV one.
– Your Modded GTAV one.
If you have the Steam version, make sure to check “Steam Version” before clicking “Apply !” !
Take a look at the video (it is a tutorial video), and just follow the steps…

New : If you want to launch your GTA with RAGE just click the “Rage Version” button !

Changelog :
– 2.2 :
>Bug fixes.
>Code optimization.

– 2.1 :
>RAGE compatibility !

– 2.0 :
>Now coded in C# (V.1 was coded in VB.Net)
>New UI
>Steam option added !
>Some bug fixes…

– 1.1.1 :
>Fixed the “Too big paths problem”

Please make sure to execute the Launcher as adminstrator, because it will modify the value a registry key of GTAV or create symbolic links !


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