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GTA V Script Installer

GTAV Scripts Installer is a powerful tools that help newbie or some people install their scripts properly. This tools is coded by me and design by Sajjad Altahan & HazelDev. Copyright of this tools will cause you in big trouble because this tools is under the license of NakalKrew Scripts. Do not upload it anywhere, modify, crack, decompile without my permission. This tools is 100%
free, but if you love it, do not forget to donate and i will make more tools. If you found any bugs, please email it to: mofclans@gmail.com or comment at the section below.

Requirement before using:
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2

it detects GTAV.exe instead of GTA5.exe .. goint to fix in the next udpate

-Newbie Guide
-Clean and Fast installation
-Remove unnecessary file in ZIP
-Friendly GUI

I know some people will bash me about this tools saying that it’s easy tool install. To me, a newbie will always need help.

-log file now can be set
-fix some scripting at Settings
-fix some bugs
-added notice for newbie before install

-fix bug after install
-added log file event

-new home page
-remove validation
-direct bug reporter via email
-added misc page
-added news info
-added donation page
-gtav mods website via phone view
-code cleanup
-fix some bugs

-fresher look
-brand new GUI
-newbie system
-validation system
-powerful scripts
-fix all major bugs
-GTAV reference dll

-initial release


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