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Welcome to GTA V Process Utilization! This program priorities processes, and close unnecessary services/processes without touching your everyday programs. This program is completely automated, which means you don’t need to touch the program, other than run it. My processor is a i7 3770k 4 ghz OC & i have 16 gb of ram. In these comparing pictures, i opened a lot of processor intensive programs and other junk programs to test the difference in performance.

For Usage/Installation/ and important information read the Readme.rtf file inside of the archive.
Both Retail/Steam is supported and you shouldn’t be banned online for using this as it doesn’t modify Grand Theft Auto V files.

@sansmokka – For help with more priorities and the name!

@SteamSilenceChannel – For being a awesome supporter, helping with sorting things out. (Not all Brazilians are bad) – remember that!

You might see a big difference in loading time


1.1.2: Guide for the retail version to get working correctly. My bad, it’s hard to test without owning a copy of the retail version. REMEMBER TO READ THE INSTRUCTIONS.

1.1.1: Oh baby a triple! Nevermind… A failsafe have been made, just in case anything goes wrong. It deletes the logs of GTA V Process Utilization if it somehow detects the wrong version of this game starting (Retail/Steam).

1.1: Included tips in Readme.rtf file, I have fixed some typing errors, I have also included some of the more common update processes to shutdown while you’re playing the game. I think GTA V Process Utilization have come so far that it finally have reached the state 1.1.

1.0.6: Fixed processes resetting, ending a few more services/processes. Changing minimum cpu state for consistent gameplay. And a few tweaks to fix stability issues, so it’s better overall. I have included my settings.xml which is the perfect balance for graphics whore, and fps. If you use nvidia graphics card, turn on mfaa for best picture quality.

1.0.5: A few more services/processes to stop, and the console window have a title now. It’s going to check if you have launch the retail version previously and skip steam launch. User have repported it to be annoying that it opens steam all the time, here you go. Note: The first time you open the .bat file it will try to launch steam, as it has not log that the previous retail version launch was successfull.

1.0.4: Stopping services to lower the amount of ram used by windows (Requires admin), small tweaks. And compression in another .rar format for compatiblity with older versions of winrar. Fixed compatiblity issues with windows 10. Changing power settings to high performance for better performance on laptops. Changed how it works, for simple installation. It now auto dectects if you have retail/steam version

1.0.3: Fixed small line of code with added 64 bit support, added more priorities.

1.0.2: New name, fixed some typos, added more priorities from user request and more for a wider range of common user support, updated readme for a clearer installation.

1.0.1: Changed the files back from .exe back to .bat file for Rappos approval :I
(Wanted the icon on by default, instead of making a shortcut :/ )



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