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GTA 5 – Mod Creator (Mobile) [BETA] 1.0

Currently for Android only, no iOS version has been planned or made yet

This was a 2 week project, it has a few bugs still which we plan on fixing soon.

To use the “Save” and “Load” feature, you need to have a device charger and a working PC to plug it into.

Once you finish writing your code, press the save button. It’s going to ask you for a name to save it as. (i.e “MyMod”). You need to remember this name, for loading later. After saving, plug your device into your PC. Navigate to your device’s storage. From there, you will see a folder called “Mod Creator”. In that folder, you can see your mod file, it will be a .cs file. You can export that file by dragging it to your desktop.

To load your mod, press the “Load” button in the editor. Type in your Mod’s name from earlier when saving (we put “MyMod” as an example). Then press Load once more and your code will be loaded.

GTA 5 Mod Creator is a developer tool to create GTA V Mods for PC.
With this app, you can create any GTA 5 mod you can think of.

Packed with tools and information that you can use to make any mod you want!

– Tools to insert functions and perform certain actions
– Documentation on how to start a mod.
– Help Menu
– Saving / Loading files on your android device.

-Click download link in .rar file/for AUTO INSTALL (You can install from your pc straight to your Device if you have your google account connected)
-Put .apk file where it needs to go, from .rar file/for MANUAL INSTALL
-Download link can download straight to your device if you use a google account, otherwise, copy the link into your phone, or search “GTA 5 Mod Creator” in google play store (by ZyApps)



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