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[TF2 Stats] With Web Ranking and Item Logger [v9.1.0]


This is a TF2 ranking plugin with support for a web interface mysql, and multiple servers.
It can operate in one of two modes:

“Simple” which requires very little setup work.
“Web” which requires more work but is well worth it. Supports multiple servers and a web interface if so desired.


  • ‘Simple’ mode:
    • One server (you can run more then one server like this but they will not share stats)
  • Multi-server / web interface mode
    • One or more servers.
    • Web server with MySQL and php support.
    • Ability to allow remote access to MySQL databases. (see below).Need Help? Use IRC!

You can join #tf2stats @ irc.gamesurge.net if you want to talk to me about updates, bugs, etc.
If you don’t have an irc client, you can join by clicking here.
Please note: I’m not going to walk you through setting up the plugin, there is documentation for that.
Chat Commands:

“rank” to display your rank to the server.
“top10” to view the top 10 ranked players.
“players” to view a list of ingame players.
“webrank” to get your webrank
“webtop” to get the webtop
“session” to get information about your session
“hidepoints” to hide the points you get
“unhidepoints” to show the points you get

Admin Commands:

sm_rankadmin – opens the rank admin menu
rank_givepoints <client> <value> – give points client(s)
rank_removepoints <client> <value> – remove points from client(s)
rank_setpoints <client> <value> – sets the client’s points to <value>


sm_tf2_stats_version – shows the plugin version
See tf2-stats.cfg for complete list

Install Instructions:

  • Simple:

    1. Upload the .smx file to your /sourcemod/plugins/ folder
    2. Set point settings in tf2-stats.cfg and upload to your /tf/cfg/ folder.
  • Advanced + Web Interface:
    1. Edit your game server’s database.cfg file located in /addons/sourcemod/configs and add the values shown below.
    2. Install plugin as above.
    3. Restart your game server.
    4. Edit settings.php (in the “inc” folder).
    5. Run the SQL files located in the website zip in your destination database.
    6. Upload web interface to desired location.

Click here for Detailed instructions!


    "driver"            "mysql"
    "host"                ""
    "database"            "tf2_stats"
    "user"                "tf2st_usr"
    "pass"                "dbpassword"
    //"timeout"            "0"
    "port"            "3306"

The server needs to be restarted for the database.cfg to be reloaded


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