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Spray Tracer v5.8b (Full v5.8a)

This is a handy plugin for server admins to manipulate player sprays in a couple different ways.

1) Trace a player’s spray on any surface

  • The plugin marks which spray is being looked at by a red glow and then displays a menu to deal out punishments.

2) Remove a player’s spray from any surface [Not available in No Menu version]

  • The plugin removes the spray that is being looked at and displays a menu to deal out punishments

3) Spray any player’s spray logo on command [Not available in No Menu version]

  • Sprays the selected user’s spray where the admin is looking.

The punishments including a text warning, a warning and a slap, a warning and burning the player, a warning and slaying the player, kick, temporary ban, or permanent ban.


1) Full Version

  • Contains all features all in one plugin.

2) No Menu Version

  • Uses the hint/HUD automatic display spray tracing rather than a menu
  • No punishments
  • No admin commands

3) Basic Version

  • Menu only
  • No hint/HUD automatic display
  • All admin commands
  • Only warn/kick/ban/p. ban punishments
  • Stripped away many of the CVars to make it really simple to use


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