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[Source 2013] Custom Chat Colors

Give particular Steam IDs and admin flags custom chat colors and name tags. Supports any color you can imagine, or team color, green, and olive. This is a rewrite of Simple Chat Colors (Redux). Requires Simple Chat Processor (Redux). Complete documentation is in the config file.

Only works in Source 2013 games, which include:

  • Team Fortress 2
  • Counter-Strike: Source
  • Half-Life 2: Deathmatch
  • Day of Defeat: Source

This also works on CS:GO, but only “T”, “G”, and “O” codes can be used.

Update: I’m getting reports that colors don’t work on CS:GO when alive. This is a shame, but this plugin doesn’t officially support CS:GO. Don’t expect it to be fixed.

This plugin will never support any CS:GO colors beyond those mentioned above, so stop asking.

sm_reloadccc – reloads the config file

custom_chat_colors_version – plugin version
custom_chat_colors_auto_update (default 1) – enables automatic updating (has no effect if Updater is not installed)

Requires the Simple Chat Processor (Redux) plugin.

This plugin provides several forwards and natives. See the include file for documentation.

Install Simple Chat Processor (Redux), extract chatcolors.zip, upload its contents to your /addons/sourcemod directory, and reboot your server or type “sm plugins load custom-chatcolors” into your console or rcon.



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