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[L4D(2)] SuperVersus [1.5.4]

This plugin will NOT allow more than 8 players. You will need an extension to do that (see below)


This plugin requires a SM 1.3 or newer!


This plugin will allow you to limit the amount of players able to join either team (Not bots!). It also allows you to set the tanks HP higher based on the amount of survivors.


l4d_survivor_limit <NUM> “Maximum amount of survivors” ( Default: 4 Max: 18 )
l4d_infected_limit <NUM> “Max amount of infected (will not affect bots)” ( Default: 4 Max: 18 )
l4d_supertank <0/1> “Set tanks HP based on Survivor Count” ( Default: 0 )
l4d_tank_hpmulti <Float> “Tanks HP Multiplier (multi*(survivors-4))” ( Default: 0.25 )
l4d_XtraHP <0/1> “Give extra survivors HP packs? (1 for extra medpacks)” ( Default: 0 )
-This means the Tanks HP will become higher if supertank is 1. The value is: HP * ( l4d_tank_hpmulti * ( Survivors – 4 ) ).
-I.E l4d_tank_hpmulti is 0.25 and you have 2 extra survivors, that means it is HP * ( 0.25 * ( Survivors – 4 ) ) . Which results in 9000 (He would be 6000 by default and gains half his health)
l4d_killreservation <0/1> “Should we clear Lobby reservaton? (For use with Left4DownTown extension ONLY)” ( Default: 1 )

sm_hardzombies <0/6> “How many zombies you want. (In multiples of 30. Recommended: 3 Max: 6)” – Use this to modify the infected (not special infected) amount if you wish to raise the amount of infected.
sm_jointeam2 (or !jointeam2 / !joinsurvivor in chat) <> “Jointeam 2 – Without dev console”
sm_jointeam3 (or !jointeam3 / !joininfected in chat) <> “Jointeam 3 – Without dev console”


  • Copy l4d_superversus.smx to addons/sourcemod/plugins/
  • Modify l4d_superversus.cfg in cfg/sourcemod/ (If the file does not exist it will be created when the plugin is first loaded or you can download a fresh copy of the config below)



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