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[ANY] CallAdmin – Extended Report Mod

Call Admin allow players on your server to call for an admin to report cheaters / hackers / rule breakers.

For best performances we use a module-based system.

Below you can see a overview over the main plugin and it’s current modules.

Click on the name to get a detailed install instruction.

Read Getting-Help if you have problems and before posting here. Thanks!

For latests news and changelogs take a look at Impact’s Post

Notes for upgrade from 0.1.5 to 0.1.7

Please read this post before upgrading to version 0.1.7!




  • Usermanager Module – Download Usermanager Module
    • API to disallow clients to report someone or protect a player to be reported
    • Currently:
      • Disallow reporting when a player is muted
      • Disallow reporting when a player is gagged

Third Party Modules

Want more information or want to see some pictures?

Just take a look at our WIKI or ask us (dordnungImpact).



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