We are back!

Hi! With pleasure we would like to announce that we’re back!
First server with we are returning is CS 1.6 Only Dust2

Server IP: cs.hl2go.com:27015

In the near future we are going to open ZOMBIE MOD Server.
And for now we invite you to try our newly launched Dust2 Server. Because server is not yet fully tested if you see any bugs or have other suggestions let us know it. Contact us

Server Services
Server Stats
Server Bans
Server Rules

Good luck and have fun!


  1. Omg! I m stunned. Let me pinch myself .. Wow its real. I m the biggest fan of zcs server. I used to play zcs basebuilder and I know some hackers hacked the server and crashes it. I hope this time security is tight. I m waiting for zcs base builder servers and even I m ready to pay for vip in it. But the maps were awesome of zcs base builder. So I request u whenever u will start zcs basebuilder plz dont change the maps and classes. Cuz it was all good. Everymap and zmbie classes were superb. No need to add more. I m waiting for the server. I hope its gonna release soon. Love u ZCS??

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