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abuse of power admin Soft Head D-HB(Soft Head) (Anti Venezuela)

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You are insulting, what is wrong with you? I am a person, not an animal.


This is a game and you get angry because I killed you


Are you qualified to be an administrator, I don't see you to be an administrator


You are so mad at losing you insult me, when it gives me exactly the same


It is true that having so many admins, you are the only one who chooses to remove the ban.The other admins are for decoration


I do not insult I have manners and I am a person, watch the demo and that's it and take my ban

You get angry with such a simple and basic thing, have you done the same to other players without them being able to do anything?


that angers him so much that he bans the first player to any player and I have seen him

How old is a man who gets angry about everything?


watch the demo and take away the unfair ban

look the demo 

I don't use anything


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Fuck you one more time, for going spec to check for my location, then joining and instantly killing me with your bullshit, fuck you forever !!!

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