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nolife banned by Tosito-siaubunas

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Hi all,

First thank you for the great servers. It's becoming hard to find good 1.6 servers these days.

I have been banned by Tosito-siaubunas for no reason, except that I was kicking asses on the server :D. I have been playing since 2004.

The ban is only for one day so I don't care, but I just wanted to report the admin behavior.

||| You are banned
||| Nick: nolife
||| IP:
||| SteamID: STEAM_0:0:2616338
||| By admin: Tosito-siaubunas
||| Reason: Cheating.
||| Ban created: 24.02.2021 - 18:33:31
||| For length: 1 day
||| On: HL2GO.COM - Small Maps Public [EU] (fy_snow)
||| Time left: 1 day
||| Will expire: 25.02.2021 - 18:33:31
||| For Unban Appeal: hl2go.com


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