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BaseBuilder - Weapon Choice

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1. Introduction

Hello and welcome to my next guide, everyone. This time I'm talking about which weapon is the best and why. Let's start!


2. Primary weapon

The guns menu offers almost every weapon in Counter-Strike. The auto-snipers and the machine gun aren't included, because of their big capability.

These are the weapons that you should pick:

1. AK-47 

This automatic rifle is the weapon you would see in every round, used by the builders. It offers a good amount of bullets, high damage and enough accuracy if shot the right way. You would pick that over the M4A1 (which has higher accuracy), because the damage it deals is slightly higher and we don't need the accuracy on this mod. The AK-47 is good for every base and that's why it's chosen a lot.

Magazine: 30 rounds
Rate of fire: 600 RPM
Firing mode: Automatic
Reload time: 2.43 s


2. Galil

The Galil is a weapon you'd less likely see used by someone. However it's a great weapon, because it has a 35-round magazine, 5 more than all other assault rifles (who all have 30 rounds per magazine). It deals less, damage but it's fire rate is higher. That could save your life, if a zombie gets in your base. By statistics, the accuracy is less than the AK47's, but the spray is more controllable.

Magazine: 35 rounds
Rate of fire: 666 RPM
Firing mode: Automatic
Reload time: 2.6 s


3. M3

This shotgun is an absolute doom for the zombies. The damage is ridiculously high, that's the main reason you should take this weapon. The M3 is much better, than the XM1014, not because of the higher damage, but the accuracy and the 1 more round in the magazine. However, it's not really that good for air bases, because of the short range it has. The one by one bullet reload can turn the tides of battle and save your life.

Magazine: 8 rounds
Rate of fire: 68 RPM
Firing mode: Pump action
Reload time: 4.6 seconds from empty



3. Secondary weapon

1. Deagle

The Night Hawk is the most famous pistol in the history of CS. When using it, you should always go for headshots, otherwise you lose the strength it has. The only disadvantage is the 7-round magazine, but overall it's enough for executing a zombie if you ran out of bullets on your primary weapon. You should also avoid spraying bullets. When you're using it, make sure to be patient with the shots, otherwise it becomes extremely inaccurate.

Magazine: 7 rounds
Rate of fire: 200 RPM
Firing mode: Semi-automatic
Reload time: 2.2 s


2. Dual Elites

These pistols don't have a cap on the fire rate, meaning that it's the fastest shooting weapon in the game. They are not really good vs. the Tanker, because of his armor, So make sure you break his armor first. They are also a good hit and run weapon, if you couldn't enter your base on time. Also the long reload time can play you, so make sure to reload when there are no zombies entering your base.

Magazine: 30 rounds
Rate of fire: 750 RPM (to infinite)
Firing mode: Semi-automatic
Reload time: 4.6 s



4. Final thoughts

These are the best weapons considered by me. You can leave a reaction or a comment on what you think on the topic. I really want to help new players with such topics. Tell me what you want me to do next.

Have fun on the battlefield!

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