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cs_marvell Destroy my base and i took to GOD . God dont help me i speek with him to match she say i Cant kick him ?

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Please fill in the details needed:


1. Player nickname: 
2. Their SteamID: (you can get a player's steamID by typing "status" in console while you are in the server and getting it from there) 
3. Link to player in stats page: (when you have copied the steamID of the player, you can search for them in the stats page and verify if this is their stats profile; stats page: https://stats.hl2go.com/hlstats.php)
4. What did they do: 
5. When did it happen? (for example, 2 hours before writing this post - idea is that if necessary we can also check server logs when knowing the time) 
6. Demo: (Demo - the most commonly used method, hl2go have an automatic demo recorder, thus, you can easily find the demo in your cstrike folder, more info on that below, afterwards you upload it to a file-sharing website so we can download it and watch it) 
7. Server it happened in: 

Otherwise, I don't think you will get any help. Not without a demo. 

You can also join the Discord server, where you can get a quicker response: https://hl2go.com/discord/invite/general/


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