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BaseBuilder - Zombie Choice

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1. Introduction

Hello and welcome to my first guide on this forum. I'm known as G4Choppa (it's a new nickname). I have a couple years of experience in this mod and 10+ years in Counter-Strike overall. In this guide I'll talk about the zombie classes and which class should fit you the most.


2. Zombie Classes

#1 Classic Zombie


Health: 3000
Movement Speed: 260
Gravity: 1.0

#2 Fast Zombie


Health: 2000
Movement Speed: 325
Gravity: 1.0

#3 Jumper Zombie


Health: 2500
Movement Speed: 285
Gravity: 0.5

#4 Tanker Zombie


Health: 4000
Movement Speed: 210
Gravity: 1.0
*In addition: 200 Kevlar Vest and Helmet

3. Purpose

There isn't really a zombie we can call "the best". Every zombie has it's special attributes.

The Classic Zombie is good for long tunnels, since it can survive 2-3 magazines of ammunition.
The Fast Zombie is good for catching people struggling to enter their base on time during the preparation phase.
The Jumper should be used for climbing air bases quickly, but is really good for roaming around the map and killing people, since it can jump on top of blocks.
The Tanker is good for short bases (traps, scrollers, layers), since he packs a lot of HP and isn't that fast.

A lot of players play mainly with the Jumper, but that's a big mistake. The class choice should be depending on the bases and the map. 
For an example, if there are a lot of air bases, my choice is the Jumper. But if the bases are mainly on the ground, the Jumper isn't really that good.


4. Final Thoughts

During the years, I've gained a lot of experience and I'd be happy to share it with you in such topics. I hope it was helpful. Please, leave a reply, if you want more of these and I would take my time to write some.

Have fun on the battlefield!

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