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Unfair Ban by Beerus

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I was banned by admin Beerus, i was unfairly banned.
Also in the rules it says that Laming / Troublemaker / FLOOD: will only be banned for 60 Min
||| You are banned
||| Nick: Knobelboy
||| IP:
||| SteamID: VALVE_6:0:2045100520
||| By admin: Beerus
||| Reason: Laming/ Troublemaker/ FLOOD.
||| Ban created: 17.12.2020 - 03:58:47
||| For length: 1 week
||| On: HL2GO.COM - Only Dust2 Public [CA] (de_dust2)
||| Time left: 6 days, 22 hours, 32 minutes and 22 seconds
||| Will expire: 24.12.2020 - 03:58:47
||| For Unban Appeal: hl2go.com
Kicked by Console: "You are banned. Check Your console."
Kicked :"You are banned. Check 


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You were banned for:

- Slapping/slaying players for free (reported by many players). [WARNED SEVERAL TIMES].
- Free-banning good players permanently (those bans were removed already). [I even told you lots of the players you banned were good ones, smh you kept on banning them].
- And now I told you, Plant C4, you didn't do mission and instead went on camping in T spawn, holding shift when 15 secs were remaining for the round to be over, it was a 1v1 so there's no excuse. As I've seen you do the same to lots of players, I slayed you for not doing mission. Instead, you acted like a rule-breaker and as a revenge, you went on kicking me for no reason. Enough of your abuses, take a good break and come back with the rules memorized in your head. Cheers.

PS: I asked staff to reduce the ban to 1-3 days, pressed wrong key. They are the final judges.

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Bro first of all, don't give me false accusations, i don't Slapping/slaying players for free (I don't know which players reported that)
I can only ban for a maximum of 1 day. Why do you say I permanently ban players? I have never banned good players.
when i ban a player i make sure it's worth it and if another players report it, the only complaint i had was from player Jaruka because many players reported him but his ban was quickly removed because i was wrong.

And i was in T spawn because the bomb was there on the ground and i heard the other player near the place, i had a chance to win the round but you slap and slaying me. that's why i kicked you just once, and I think the one who took revenge is you because you banned me for 1 week when the rules say that the administrator can not prohibit another administrator. So who broke the rules?

I hope they reduce my ban.

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First of all, yes you do, I've used different nicks and I saw you multiple times slapping/slaying players for free, even when there was 1 minute left for the round to be over. 

Second, banned for a day or not, if you were an specadmin, these bans would count as permanent ones, so we already can see your intentions, you banned a guy called HACK.DLL twice, even when I told you that he is a clean player. And so other free bans such as Jaruka. But this is more understandable, since you lack the experience to detect cheaters properly.

And last but not least, I spectated you for the last 40 seconds, and you were standing still in T spawn, you were holding shift, not even trying to search for the bomb. You didn't have it, you knew that the time was running out, so I slapped you for not doing mission, and eventually slayed for not attending to my call. You clearly knew you weren't doing your mission, yet you decided to kick me out of the server without a reason, you cannot ban/kick other admins, it's not your first time either, once you were slapping me for free only because I killed you in one round. In the other hand, you don't have to worry about me, if nobody has complained about me taking care of server admins when they do not comply with the rules, means that there is no problem with me on doing it. Unless higher staff told me the opposite, which is not the case.

You're not the only case of admin abusing their privileges, I've seen almost every single admin on DD2 Canada server, and I know how most of them work.  You won't be the first, neither the last one to face something like this. We won't have any problems in the future (if you decide to buy privileges again) if you read the rules and follow them properly.

And no, your ban won't be reduced until a high staff member says otherwise. Good luck and have a nice day.

Edited by ArTicC´ liGhts~

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If you had said that from the beginning of the conversation it would have been more believable.
You can ask other administrators or players on the server to affirm that this is not true.

I don't remember banned that boy, much less twice. Also, you have never told me anything until now.
and jaruka was not a free ban, we all made mistakes sometimes even you. You banned a guy named Palenco53 but you were wrong, he made the claim and they removed the ban.

dude 40 seconds is almost half a round, i didn't spend all that time there. That happened at the end of the round and as i told you i had the opportunity to win but you slaying me, and i admit i was wrong to kick you but you banned me for 1 week!
If you had any claim against me you had to report it in a post to the staff. You said it yourself, they are the final judges, not you.
anyway I made the claim to reduce the ban because 1 week is absurd.
have a good day.

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Just FYI, Palenco53's ban was given correctly, you have no idea on what even happened yet you're trying to use it as a lame excuse to go for me. I suggest you to investigate properly before throwing bullshit claims. And yes, we all commit mistakes, but you didn't even apologize for what you did, neither recognize your mistakes, so why would even bother on reducing your ban? I gotta say that I actually wanted only 1 day as a ban, but as higher staff took a look at the case, they decided that 1 week is totally fine for you.

You said you don't remember banning that guy, well too bad for you cuz I do, I did tell you about it, and if you're not willing to remember, then I'm not willing to help you either with your ban as we can both close our eyes or act like we didn't speak to each other. Of course, that wouldn't be benificial for you, but that's the choice that you've picked as it seems to be.

And no, you had no chance to win that round, the last ct was far away from you, which means that you did not complete your mission in time, leading to a clear slay so we all players don't lose our precious time.

And I agree, they are the final judges, and unluckily for you, they said that the ban won't be reduced. I will no longer reply to this topic since it's pretty much closed already, the final judge has already been given. Cheers.

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1 week ban remains. Don't place free bans, take this as a learning opportunity.

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