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This has nothing to do with the forum or the server, but it will still help people who join here a little.

Page that will help you with every detail about your computer and other computers 
that you want to know.
How does this page help you:
- It can give you all the details of your processor.
- You can compare your "PC" processor to another processor you want.
- Compare your Graphics Card with a better or worse one.
- Check if your computer can run an "any" game ( sit will give you the full result of your processor + your Graphic Card to indicate if the game you are trying to buy will work for you.) It will even show you the Fps you will get from your processor or another.
In each option, it will show you (Classification "from best to lowest", Prices, comparisons).

example of the work of each button:
1 - Processor / comparison - Link: Press Here
( Overall performance in tests, 3DMark96 CPU,Cinebench 10 32-bit single-core.)
( You will get an option where you can add the name of the game you want to know if it will work on your processor or the other.)

then it will show advantage of both processors until at the end of all the results, you will get the response of the victorious processor

2 - Graphic card - Link: Press here
(Add your graphics card to compare it with another and receive the winner's result and the advantages of both)

3 - He can run? Link: Press here
( Type any game you want. )
(add your processor, graphics card and the amount of ram you have) this is an example)
Minimum to recommended will show you the result automatically if you meet the requirements and also with the graphics card that the game asks for (and it will show you the fps that the game will advance you from high graphics to very low .. and the screen that you can use it.
and below will show you other games that will go almost the same as the game you added.

Name of the page: Technical city
Link: Press here
This help me in the games, and it will help others, because I already tried it and was right. except in Slenderman hehe.  Tongue
Thanks given by: SkylarBOT , FakeLucky , hichem_zahaf

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