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Instant spawn kill exploit (Half Life)
Sometimes I play on HL2GO Half Life Deathmatch server but lately I think I may just stop playing on that server because of that horrible abuse of spawn kill!

Some players drop grenades, remote bombs and crowbar on the player spawn points which these stuffs (excluding remote bombs) starts spinning. If player spawns into it, they instantly die. And it happens on almost everytime on every spawn point! And sometimes it's not just only one player who abuses that exploit, sometimes there are multiple ones! 

I have tried to remove the stuffs on the spawn points but nothing happened. I just can't take it anymore that I die 10 times on different or same spawn points before I am able to spawn normally without dying.

So here's my question: is that "exploit" even allowed? Can you (server admins) do anything about it?
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I know this problem, thats why i stopped playing there coz nobody take any actions to solve the problem and i think its only Mixfix who can only fix problems there so good luck 4 u.
P. S you can always destroy spinning weapons with coming closer with crowbar Smile
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