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Zombie Mega
I am using translator, I hope you can understand what I wrote.

About doing Teaming zombies and humans is annoying, and more because the VIPs do it and we normal players have no advantages, well a little ..
please solve this problem, we cannot play comfortably because everything is out of control, we can say that it is a dirty thing to do this.

It's a bit confusing when you want to trust someone and he murders you, and when we form a team for us, the VIPs throw bombs at us or infect us so they can team up. xdxdxd

Pomp Man, Ayuzawa, essa
I await your answers or from another moderator.

Please ! Cry Huh
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Hello there,

Considering your situation, currently there is no rule that doesn't allows teaming up (for both VIPs and players), but I do think it can be annoying for normal players, as I've seen many of them complaining about this situation, making it harder for them to kill/reach VIPs that have a better positioning in the map. You can join our discord server and have a personal talk with the superior staff and try to solve this problem.


Good luck and have a nice day.
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HI !
I've been playing for 3 weeks and the VIP team to kill the normal ones, since the VIPs don't infect each other ... that's why normal players respect VIPs so they don't infect us and we can have a few minutes of comfortable games. I may not have seen complaints from normal players on the server, but even for us, it is boring and they are annoying, although we do not make these kinds of reports as I do now.
I will wait for more answers, thank you brother :p
El Gamer
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luckily we have some vips like pompaman and ayuzawa and many more.

they dont play in teams. and i also believe teaming is somehow abuse.  Smile
Discord Link :
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Unless essa says that they aren't allowed to do it, they can continue doing it.
For now, I just murder them myself.
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sadly we have been suffering from this problem since first day we started the server.. and i can say truce is highly unwanted in this server .. but we cant force it.. its up to players to choose to team up or no.. but none is allowed to complain when others refuse to team up with him..
Thanks given by: ZsKyLiNe2019

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