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Reporting Soft Head
Admin Nick: Soft Head

Server: Zombie Mega


I think he was infected on purpose to infect me ..
or, use admin menu to become a zombie just to infect me, what I would call that "a stupid"

From what I saw, the system did not capture when someone infected it or when it was infected.
Note: maybe I'm wrong

if the report is rejected I don't care, if it's accepted .. great aleluya !!

Note: Please, I just want to receive the response or comment from a forum moderator, since there will be too much spam if you participate, which possibly a moderator will swallow all your words and you will believe it.

Thanks for understand

Thanks given by: FakeLucky
He didnt use admin menu or he didnt misuse his power. he simply took t virus from extra menu. and all players can use that.and he didnt take it to just infect u in demo i can clearly see he killed all players.thanks for the reporting Smile
Discord Link :
Thanks given by: hollabackgirl
(2020-02-02, 09:33)JACK_HAMMER Wrote: He didnt use admin menu or he didnt misuse his power. he simply took t virus from extra menu. and all players can use that.and he didnt take it to just infect u in demo i can clearly see he killed all players.thanks for the reporting Smile

Do you know that our reality is so strange, observation affects reality, on a quantum level, so you can't trust your eyes. For facts reference read this:
Thanks given by:
I'm not against anyone, if I'm wrong ... it's okay, no problem.

but don't waste your time writing, since I don't care what you say JACKK, I wrote above that I only want a moderator's answer, I think it was easy to understand.

anyway thank you, if the report is rejected by moderator OFFICIAL ... all good
and yes, I understand everything ... I made this report because it was really annoying, any player would do it if something bothered him.

I would have added this rule before I left :v
Thanks given by: FakeLucky
For sure you are against someone. It's obvious from your complain! "What I would call that a stupid "

And it's so rude from your side to write like that to another admin!
Jack said what is on the damn demo. Don't say you care or you don't care.

What do expect? MiXFiX to tell you your report is accepted?
Hell no. It's rejected!

Let's wait for essa's opinion....
Thanks given by: Heaven
You need to work on that grammar, your sentences are not constructed properly, therefore people can't understand what is your point. And yes you don't understand everything, the illusion of understanding everything is called the , lastly, what specific rule you wanted to add is still a mystery like why we have a flat earth society nowadays. .
Thanks given by: Heaven
Well ayuzawa you couldn’t add your own rule because you are not owner you already banned me couple of time and you already saw me keep coming back besides that part jack is also mod so he is allowed to respond and last time you didnt left you got banned for adding your own rules into server which is no one didnt ask you to do 2nd of all you try to kick one of my best friends which is mirza he roasted you so yeah dont make me start go at you from here before you get removed from here is well we all told you this everyone has their limits including my self including your self is well so dont cross those limits end of the day you know what will happens 

Sincerely heaven
Thanks given by:
lol.. I don't care
I knew it would make a mess

all pro.

I regret saying that, I really am very sorry ... I don't like being that way, but I hate war and also people who think they are superior, who make the normals less.
that's why i hate this community

many are bad, and some players, admin and moderators are good .. but this community is too bad, and worse with "essa"
I hope someday they realize how bad this community is if there is no control.

You can call me crying or "noob" if you wish.

I finish talking for now in this thread.
I apologize, I hope everyone can continue to improve and progress if they want this community to be even better ..

I belong to another community that I respect and will continue there.

end of case
Thanks given by: FakeLucky
Our community aint bad no one not complaining besides from you you did also same thing to ugc is well they ending up doing same thing to you is well i know pretty much everything about you so yeah there are lots of community is well byt trust me no one wont let some random person comes into server setup their own rule thats not how things work
Thanks given by:

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