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Report new jesus leon
"Bad player enter my base and steal my kills, admin pls remove him." kind of attitude - I couldn't care less.

Quote from the rules:

1. Max players per layer – 1. Max players per every other base – 3.
2. Base with 1 entrance – 3 humans.
3. Base with 2 entrance – 6 humans.
4. Base with 3 entrance – 9 humans.

I don't see mentioned anywhere "max players per kill hungry player's base" listed, do you?`

lollipoppp :  lol new jesus = retard // self-explanatory
lollipoppp :  he banned chbeast for free // proof?
[VIP] new jesus leon :  /swap lol
[ Base Builder ] Player lollipoppp has been swapped to the zombie team
lollipoppp :  fuck off dude // I don't see any other context on this one, do you? I can build up some context, though - new map, perhaps he was human in the last round of the previous map, perhaps he was just being an idiot towards your friend, but these both lack the proof.
lollipoppp :  new fuck off
lollipoppp :  fuck ur mom and shit // self-explanatory
lollipoppp :  because hes retatrded // self-explanatory
lollipoppp :  im taking the ban for him
lollipoppp :  hes retarded
lollipoppp :  jesus -=  retard // self-explanatory

For starters, I never was impressed with your "dude" jesus, nor do I think a ban was needed, a gag would suffice generally, although your friend does bring family insults to the matter - something admins here despise.
Before I go on my rant, it would be nice of you not to misinterpret what I say. I will try to put it in somewhat simple wording. You think that we are defending the admin - which is not the case, feel free to go through plenty of examples here on forums where I bash on all parties involved. I merely judge the case based on the demo provided.

Quote: "without having the proof the back up your claim", it sounds like I'm not a professional or responsible for my things or something, which of course, I think I am.
So, tell me, your friend did not deserve to be banned? Also, tell me, do I see the moment where you get banned and the last moments before it? With how much information you fail to comprehend we can sit here all year.
Whose fault is it that you stopped your demo? And to whose benefit is it? That very fact works against you in this case. And, not only that, but the present information in the demo only validates your "dude" jesus in banning your friend, nothing else.

Quote: I have 2 problems here, the revive that wasn't on time and the ban, you didn't even respond to the first problem
I have posted a quote from the rules at the top. Do you see anywhere admins being forced to revive players in your specific situation or do they do it out of good will? As I also state above, I dislike kill hungry players, their attitude is generally terrible and I don't think that I need to further extrapolate on why. And that is all before I get to the best part - I can't see what your base was, assuming that map had changed prior to this, to tell if your build falls under what has been laid out in the rules, if it exceeded the maximum players or if you were just being selfish, not in a single one of your comments have you claimed that the number was exceeded, hence I will refer to the latter possibility.
I will also be kind enough to give you another example "this player comes to my bombsite, admin slay him". Despite being a lot more extreme of an example it does fit the situation you describe.

Quote: without even trying to help, understand, connect, deduce etc.
Since my first comment wasn't clear enough of an answer to you, neither was the second, it seems, you were blessed with a long one.

Quote: It's just so stupid that you think that I don't have a proof for my ban on purpose
I never said you anything of the sort. Point stands that you haven't got proof to showcase that the admin was in the wrong to ban due to you stopping it prematurely. Neither do you have the previous demo where he doesn't revive a player. From my perspective, despite not having many positive things to say about your "dude" jesus, your complaints against him seem like they are born out of frustration over such a minor thing that you decide that said minor thing is reason enough to have him punished and continuing to push to do so without having a look at the mirror.

Quote: the management of base builder could have literally see that ban on the server logs if not you, you guys could have talk to new jesus leon and ask him about that, you guys literally had a lot of options to see the ban details but of course you didn't do that.
There is no "management of base builder", it is all under the same roof. I don't see an entire supermarket searching through their entire stock to find your lost 2 cents. Server logs will show the chat and the action of placing the ban, they will not show what blocks you moved if you were moving them during build time. And you can also "deduce" that a server log doesn't tell the full story, a demo shows the gameplay and the chat. In this case it is irrelevant to check the logs.
I can see the ban in the banlist. Reason is "abuse". I do not see a reason to talk to him as he's already said what he has to say with the ban. The entire reason there's an automatically recorded demo is to serve the normal players with proof - and I do not intend to repeat what I said above on this particular case with your demo. "Ban details" I have already seen - have a look for yourself:

Quote: And, if I knew that I'd need a proof for my ban (cause of course you won't believe me) I'd take a photo of that, but unfortunately, now, my ban has already expired.
No photo needed, we have the ban details, the point is to have the demo leading up to the ban and then the ban being the end of the demo as it automatically stops the recording. Or, in other words, the full demo - which you do not have due to prematurely terminating it - which, also, unluckily for you, allows for your "dude" jesus to "escape" in this particular case.

That marks the end of my short deconstruction and/or rant.
Insufficient evidence.
Case closed.
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