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The link is not dead, click it and see for yourself..Why would you still have the same demo? do you keep every single demo of every game? I highly doubt it...another lie.

Dinar you make no sense what so ever, Would you like me to enrol you in some English lessons for your next birthday? This way we could have a proper grown up adult conversation and iron out these issues you have with cheating. We, together can help you stop cheating and actually purchase a steam account so you can enjoy steam like the old days and take ownership of something in your life for once. A true achievement for you my friend.

''he asked me if i used cheat , i said yes '' Admitting you cheat again, but your friends will unban you even if you did get banned.

Al Murad, Mashallah-yabbadabba-dingdong and whatever other garbage trash you say.

أكل ديك
Thanks given by:
now you two are transfering this conversation from an objectiv conversation 
to a personal conversation 
so you are not talking about me cheating 
but talking about my mother , my english , my religion , steam account ( wher any one like ronnie can cheat on , like softhead the steamer think , or like softhead cheating on steam , like you ronnie dumpman think )
ronnie : غبي , حمار , جحش , قرد , جعلت منك أضحوكة
duck : بغبغاء

ah by the way
only essa pompa tdv can unban
not my friend

also take this
i asked my friend to ban me so you come here with your dog like dumps replying like idiots
and posting the prove i provided you like جحش
u need a traslator
its all my plan to prouve your dumpness
Thanks given by:
im not reading that, I'm not going to argue anymore, the proof has already been put forward Smile

as for you all sad nerds sat on discord calling me and duck 'low iq nerds'

TDVV^ *NoSoundToday at 3:14 PM
@essa can we make a new rule Banning low iq tards?

JACK_HAMMERToday at 3:10 PM
this ron guy and duck dont have brains

the irony in all of you sat on discord mocking me and duck is hilarious. I come on this website for one reason, to banter and frustrate you all and it works so thanks.

p.s don't call us low iq or no brains, I GUARANTEE we both have better jobs and earn far more money than you all.

we aren't the one scamming people on discord to keep the running cost of a server Smile

this is my last reply so enjoy your giggles on discord virgins.

get off your computers get a job and get to the gym take pride in your lives instead of sitting on discord and cs all day like fat virgins.

peace out, the king ronnie coleman banned 14/01 for knifing and abusing soft head xx
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A quick recap for people that are unaware of the story of these 2 gentlemen.

Banned for low recoil.
Think themselves superior to people from other countries and women.

When they say "low IQ", they do mean it, but, most importantly, you do confirm it on a daily basis. You provide us with the ammunition and funnily enough, you shoot your own arguments down, we don't even have to do a thing. Thanks.

I will only add that UK police really like wasting their time on "hate speech" and if they were ever to find you two lovely people, they'd appear justified to take action.
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yes betterto not read , dump
another think stop being raciste or i will make you do what mickel jackson did
i will make you change your skin nigga
- having money doesnt mean that u r smart , try to go to the library
duck البغبغاء
(sorry for my poor english)
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