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is cheating allowed ? seriously
just a general question for admins here after a debate that's been had on the server. 

IF I was to say the following....."I have a wallhack but I don't use it to kill others, admins arent that good at there jobs, so I use it to make sure others arent cheating, I only use it when I am suspicious of someone"

Now, what would admins think about the above statement, is this allowed? 

p.s this isn't my actual statement another player admitted this as he gets accused a lot, but I won't mention any names here(he can himself if he wishes to add anything) but the most is merely to check if wallhacking JUST to check on others is allowed.

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That's a ridiculous thing to do.
Admins already have Admin ESP when dead which is more than enough to judge and provides plenty of functionality and information to the spectator.

I am indeed interested in smashing someone's balls with a hammer, though, but he is yet to be named.
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I'm not going to snitch on the player as that would be unfair, plus also admins were involved in this debate on the server. I was just trying to get my point across that a player using wall hack "JUST" to spectate others is still cheating!

p.s this player is in the top12 list but he has "confirmed" he doesnt use it to kill others, only to spectate when hes suspicious.

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