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Account Problems
This is not a report, it is a problem, what happened is that my GF] -VIP account was linked to my public IP, and saved my rank and points with My Ip, this has nothing to do with administrators or servers. is that my IP changed (I did not) and I lost my range and points, my router changes IP every 3 days and I can not do anything to change that, it bothers me because I climbed to the top 6 in 2 days and count hours without sleep and I wanted to know if any of you with more experience could help me with this matter, recover my rank or save my account in another way because I can never solve this problem, I am not the only person with this Dynamic IP problem.
                                  It is not important, but it has the moment when I realized that I lost my rank, and it seems that I have                                                                                         1000 of rank, my GF account also appears] -VIP in top 6


                                                                                 My Actually IP       
                                                                        I don't remember my old ip
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Points and rank not saved on IP.
They are saved on SteamID.
Non-steam players have fake SteamIDs.

I can see 2 different SteamIDs that you've had in ZP. They are also the same ones I can see in BB.

There is a solution - Steam CS. Or, try a different non-steam CS.
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Gracias, con esa versión de Cs mis datos se guardan.
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