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admins ?
hi all 
hi mister ronie 
sorry for my late answer , i didnt see this thread , also i wasnt able to entre the forum for a pw problem any way 
mister ronie , u cant accuse a player to be a cheater without providing demo or ss , its easy to accuse without prouvs , so pleas next time you accuse me or other player for cheating , make your acustion more powerful with prouvs .
i know i have a wierd way of playing , cuz i aim on players befor watching them and thats becuz of sound and radar , an old player can understand that its logic to aim on sounds a player like child mfor ex can understand me  , my aiming is wierd maybe , but it logic , just put the croshair on the nick (رقبة) and shot é bullet and than u have a hs , is not move for the left or for the right , so the play u r aiming on can not shoot you or at least can not kill you , than repeat the another two shots , is you want to keep shooting , just put the crosshair down the player cuz if u keep shooting the bullet will go up the crosshair , so put the crosshair down the player u r aiming one and the bullet will go on him , thats some tricks i use i can teach you more if you want .
next time provide prouvs please 
TY narf btw
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no idea half the shit you've just typed there dinar. half of it looks like you've headbutted the keyboard.

fact is at the time in question, there was cheaters aimbotting and the admins failed to sort it out after numerous times of being asked too. now climb back in your cave mummys boy as the issue has been resolved.
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