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Report xBs` PomPa man
||| You are banned
||| Nick: Aklas
||| IP:
||| SteamID: STEAM_1:0:14699913
||| By admin: xBs` PomPa man
||| Reason: read rules + dont ban admins
||| Ban created: 24.11.2019 - 14:38:44
||| For length: 1 day
||| On: HL2GO.COM - Zombie Plague MEGA [24/7] (zm_3rooms)
||| Time left: 23 hours, 58 minutes and 3 seconds
||| Will expire: 25.11.2019 - 14:38:44
||| For Unban Appeal:
Kicked :"You are banned. Check You
Not make are shit. He first banned me 2times (Steam) and one more time banned forever Beast with reason: No reason
And so what you offer me?  Its not fck democraty cs server...
 I'am think he a you loser friends just nothing more. And you defended him... Said Me TRUE MAN...
+SEND me demo with Steam REASON. I know reason. He banned me 2 times with no reason. And finally I banned him back for free ban...
You want said I can't banned admin. But he can banned me always with no reason? Answer me man. And said all people the truth...
I see he always like make a mistake like a f*k kid bro Smile He always than do something crazy said sorry I mistake or something else... He really very old get remove him privilegies… But I see this server looks like more how musulmons, alah akbar or something else people...
||| You are banned
||| Nick: KhA_LiL*-9
||| IP:
||| SteamID: STEAM_1:0:1304894587
||| By admin: Steam
||| Reason: wh demo on froum for unban
||| Ban created: 16.11.2019 - 22:57:58
||| For length: 1 day
||| On: HL2GO.COM - Only Dust2 Public [24/7] (de_dust2)
||| Time left: 1 day
||| Will expire: 17.11.2019 - 22:57:58
||| For Unban Appe
Thanks given by:
good man then i will give u again free kick
But no i respect pompa i cant do any think about u
Thanks given by:
mate you shit u ban the shit for none reason so u get ban about my ban ur lucky cuz he is removed otherwise, if i don't respect pompa u get 1 week if u have proof i ban u without reason give me ur demo i'm not a stupid ok... hold on sent ur fuc*ing demo here
Thanks given by:
I also think I was rather clear yesterday when you two banned each other that you should NOT BAN other admins, I think that it is common sense, but I guess what I say continues to fall on deaf ears.
Who do you think removed yesterday's bans?
Who do you think unbanned you today in the first place?
Then you proceed to do what I have said you should NOT do and it has yet to dawn on you why you were banned?
So, apparently, I have to spend my entire day to check if you two knuckleheads have decided to do the same dumb shit?

Now, how about we start digging up the skeletons in your closet?
Why did Steam kick you yesterday? (ofcourse, he shouldn't have done so whatsoever, but why did he have to resort to it? What did YOU do?)
Can Steam ban admins? No.
Can Dll ban admins? No.
Can you ban admins? No.
Can I ban admins? Absolutely.

So, how about YOU start at the beginning? What did YOU do yesterday to get yourself kicked? Why did YOU think that YOU can ban admins? Why did YOU think that YOU can do anything YOU want because YOU paid?

You see, I don't give a damn how much you paid. When YOU fuck up and when YOU are unwilling to listen to reason, I have to get involved. You can only blame yourself.

In case you grow a spine, I'm leaving the thread open so you can explain what you did yesterday and what started it all. Also, could you shed some light onto your last statement, I can't comprehend it.
Thanks given by: Steam
Yes I can.
I playing and said one player (He be a normal player with no privilegies). Don't do this anymore because I take you kick of server. He do again and I kicked he. But he be normal player with no privilegies. And see this Beast with Steam. Steam with Beast begin kicked me 3 times. And finally Beast take me Gag and a little bit later take me a ban. Time: Forever, reason: no reason.. I'm think it's not f*cking normal... When I try came in server I get unbanned. I don't know who unbanned me. But when he take me a ban I go in website and creative account and report this admins. But I Don't do that because I got unban. Next day I'm playing again and when came in server Steam. He take me ban again 1h. Reason:payback.
I don't understand this bullshit and Beast bullshit ban... It's not f*k demokcrated server. When I back I Take him back ban. Reason: Free ban + (payback) I'm writing him back. And after about 5min you take me Ban 1 day. Really for free because it's not my fucking fault...… I have admins who see all this incident ( ADMINS: The Master and one more player but I don't remember him nick) They said can prove that it's not my fault. And they Beast with Steam do Mistake...
When I speaking with The Master. He said I really now can remove him privilegies that what he do me... And i'm think it's really true. If this server it's really democratic. I want remove privilegies Beast and Steam. +Unban me. If you don't believe me. Ask The Master and another players in server....
With all respect: Aklas!!!

You think it's normal reason?
Ban details

Surprise motherfucker
Steam Community ID
IP address
Ban type
fk off
Invoked on
23 Nov 2019 - 11:28:47
Expires on
Not applicable
Banned by
Banned on
HL2GO.COM - Zombie Plague MEGA [24/7] (zm_foda)
Total expired bans
Thanks given by:
he was pompa who unbanned you. at the same time he also warned dll and steam to not ban any vips/admins without permission. if they break rules just tell moderators. and all the time u kept disrespecting pompa. btw he could ban you for a week but he gave you a chance if i m not wrong and for that muslim things. we have all type of players here not just muslims so do not mentions irrelevant things. join discord for quick response
Discord Link :
Thanks given by:
Aklas - To make it clearer, the report is obviously "Declined."
Your ban will remain.

Read the rules that I made and edit. :v
Thanks given by: FakeLucky
Why, why, Why I missed so much drama online Big Grin
Thanks given by:
@@@@LOL> admin block to admins.........huhuhu.....i also banned 1 time for silly reason...
Death Lord
Thanks given by:

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